Zoning in on your Zen spirituality during travel

There are few things in life that can rival the majesty of swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman or the sublimity of roaming the open plains on Safari in Africa amongst the wildlife. Whether you carefully plan your travel for quiet solo trips or for mega excursions with your crew, traveling the world can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences in life.

In the midst of trekking to new destinations or revisiting beloved locales, however, embracing the little opportunities for deep, spiritual awakening can enrich your life beyond measure and offer a lasting memento of a special trip. And all it takes is being open to each moment of your travels as you make your way to Seychelles, New York, Alaska, or wherever the path might take you. Ready for the journey? Here’s how to find that inner sense of spirituality when traveling.

Connect with Nature

It has long been said that “our connection to nature is our first level of experience, and one of the most important.” Depending on the destination, we may have to actively seek out natural spaces for meditation to find harmony with nature, but it’s worth the effort. Stopping to listen to the sound of wind passing through the trees can ground our attention in the moment, allowing all distractions to fade away so you can focus on the beauty of the moment.

Travel with Spiritual Totems

Some people carry a picture card of St. Christopher from their Grandma for safe travels. Others finger their worry beads through the airport. And there are those who prefer to take a calming piece of Blue Lace Agate or a Malachite stone along for meditation with healing crystals and a more tactile experience of spirituality and awareness on travel. Whatever your preference, find little ways to incorporate physical reminders of your own spiritual practice into your travels, and you will have something to help ground your experiences.

Find Mindful Moments

Mindfulness can seem like airy-fairy nonsense, but leading one’s consciousness through a mindful meditation can be a spiritually awakening process involving simple techniques. There are many quick tips on mindful breathing for meditation and thought exercises for disconnecting from the frenetic pace of modern life that can be easily applied on-the-go for the best travel experience.

For every step of the way, finding personalised ways to channel a sense of calm and getting in touch with your own spirituality can be a simple, yet meaningful way to enrich your travel. It’s not so much about a religious sense of spirituality, as it is about trying different techniques and navigating your own way to a more spiritual and enlightening experience when exploring the world.

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