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A world of wonder awaits in St Louis

Are you looking for a different type of adventure or vacation on your next holiday? You might want to consider visiting St Louis. Located on the Mississippi River in Missouri, this city perhaps wouldn’t be your first choice for a vacation. But that could be about to change. St Louis is a place renowned for culture, cuisine with stunning architecture and exciting experiences. You can have a fantastic trip whether you’re visiting for a week, two or even a month! Let’s look at some of the fantastic possibilities that await you when you journey to this remarkable place.

Bigger Than Central Park

You might have taken a trip to New York and wandered around Central Park. But that’s nothing compared to Forest Park, the grand stretch of green that you’ll find hidden away in this beautiful city. Forest Park is stunning with gorgeous aqua blue lakes, monuments and great grass verges. It’s over 500 acres larger than New York’s own stretch of green and absolutely glorious!

There are an impressive 1,300 acres to explore and discover. If you’re heading on a trip with the kids, you’ll definitely want to check out the zoo. It holds everything from turtles and gators to armadillos and sloths. You can say hello to some stingrays are watch a gorgeous grizzly from a safe distance. If you love wildlife and exploring nature then this should definitely be your first stop.

Or, you might want to try some sports and there are plenty of options right here in the park with Golf, trails for a lovely jog or a waterway to play on. There are even some tennis courts to discover as well.

The park was actually home to the 1904 World Fair and there are still some remnants there as well as historical locations such as the first ever brick farmhouse.

Throughout the year, this park is also home to celebrations, concerts and festivals so whenever you decide to visit the city, you’re guaranteed access to a wonderful, unique experience that you’re sure to love.

Explore The Arch

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One of the most mesmerizing and captivating parts of the skyline of the city is actually rather modern instead of being embedded in the past. The Gateway Arch was built 50 years ago and the glistening stainless steel architectural gem was designed and submitted through a national competition. It raises a tremendous 630 feet into the air and is another 630 feet in width.

Below the arch, you’ll find a building where you can learn about the history and discover memories of the past. You’ll find some fascinating information in the visitor center about not just the arch but St Louis itself. It’s an incredible trip back to the past that should not be missed if you’re a tourist and new to the area.

Of course, the standout adventure here is certainly the climb to the top of the arch in an elevator. This is incredibly cool and offers a fantastic view of the entire city. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you do not want to miss and is well worth the ticket price. You can even combine this with a boat ride along the river that provides another perspective of the city.

Culinary Delights

As you’re exploring different attractions and experiences throughout the city, you’re definitely going to want to find some great places to dine. You’ll be spoiled for choice in St Louis and all your favorite brands are right here. Of course, what makes St Louis such an exciting place to visit is that there are restaurants and cafes here you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Sites like boast the place to try the original giant rice paper wrap. Here, you’ll be able to create your own wrap that is sure to go down a treat and meet the local couple who own this beloved diner.

Or you’ll even discover some restaurants that serve fresh, seafood delights. These provide takeout choices so you’ll be able to wander around the city while sampling some of the best food in all of Missouri!

Great Places To Stay

As well as some incredible attractions and restaurants, St Louis also provides tourists with some fantastic places to stay. In the center of the city, you’ll find world-class hotels, perfect for relaxing and lavishing in luxury. Comfy four-poster beds, spa treatments and much more await you when you book a stay at one of these incredible locations.

You can even stay in a historical location. The Hotel Majestic St. Louis was actually built in 1913 and has a decor with Italian marble as well as mahogany wood. Alternatively, you might choose to treat yourself and book a stay at the Four Seasons hotel, close to the Mississippi River. There’s a breathtaking grand pool to take advantage of as well as various other amenities.

Discover The Beautiful Botanical Gardens

st louis

If you’re looking for a place to explore that is perfect for both adults and the kids, then you should definitely check out the Missouri Botanical Gardens that are in St Louis. Kids can discover a range of cool features including a massive slide, a steamboat that really works and a limestone cave to crawl through. It’s a great attraction that will provide the little ones with hours of fun. You can find out more on

As for the adults, you’ll be able to visit the aromatic Japanese garden. Here, you can feed the koi fish that are swimming in the pond or admire the gorgeous Chihuly glass sculptures.  You’re certainly going to want to take a few pictures of these.

If you’re visiting in the summer, you’ll find that the gardens are a perfect place to enjoy a picnic and they can even be quite romantic if you’re heading on a couple’s holiday. If you’re heading out through the winter, you’ll be delighted to discover that through the evening, these gardens are lit up with holiday decorations and lights. The gardens are always popular so make sure that you get there early if you want to enjoy a less crowded experience.

Wander Around Two Incredible Museums

Yes, St Louis has two fantastic museums for you to peruse which probably aren’t what you’re used to at all. For instance, you could journey to the City Museum. It’s difficult to describe what exactly this museum is like but you can be sure that neither you nor any children will be bored as they explore what is essentially a funhouse. The museum is actually made out of unique found objects and there’s even something called ‘toddler town.’ As you might have expected this is ideally suited for the little ones and allows them to explore their own miniature world.

There’s also the enchanted caves which is filled with deep caverns certainly worth exploring. If you do decide to take a trip to this museum, then you’ll probably have to plan a couple of days to see absolutely everything it has to offer. There’s a reason this place has been rated as the number one family destination in the world. That means it beat Disney, Universal and plenty more, but you’ll have to journey there yourself to discover why. The museum was created by famed artist Bob Cassilly. Created from pieces of the city, it is very much the heart of St Louis. You can learn more about Bob Cassilly on

If you grow tired of the hijinks here, you can always head back to Forest Park. Here you’ll find the other museum and visitors find it’s the perfect way to pass the time if you love art. In fact, the building has 34,000 pieces for your personal viewing pleasure. Unlike other art galleries, these aren’t just confined to one type either. There are plenty of different collections from all over America, Europe, Asia and even ancient Egypt. From photographs to sculptures and oil paintings as well as textiles, you’ll find everything right here.

Perhaps the best part is that the gallery is forever changing. If you visit one year, you might be surprised to find the collections are not the same the next time you explore this gem, tucked away in the center of the park. While some galleries are permanent, others are regularly switched out to provide a fresh experience for visitors.

Take In A Game At Busch Stadium


If you do visit St Louis, you should be sure to take in at least one game of Major League Baseball at the world-class stadium. Busch Stadium is beloved by the locals so even if you’re not a fan of America’s favorite pastime, it’s worth taking a trip to experience the atmosphere. It’s nothing short of euphoric with thousands gathering together for the love of the game. So grab a hot dog or maybe an ice cold beer and enjoy a winning match. No one loves baseball quite like the locals of St Louis. You can discover the history of Busch Stadium on

We hope you love these ideas and look forward to your own trip to this magnificent city. It truly is a remarkable place to explore and you’ll always discover something new each time you visit.

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