Turning your wanderlust into something more permanent

Whether you are considering a venture to some far-flung foreign land or you are a veteran globetrotter, you may find that those feet of yours that were once so itchy are slowly beginning to need the security of more permanent ground. Seeing the world and experiencing new cuisines, cultures and environments is life-affirming. There is nothing better than spending your days helping out on a Mongolian camel farm, picking fruit in the Australian outback or camping out under the stars next to the Great Wall. It is these unique memories that will help shape your view of our planet and develop a newfound appreciation for what is around you.

As a responsible traveller, you have respected the customs of different countries, shown the utmost respect for fellow backpackers and made meaningful friendships along the way. However, you are finding yourself staying in this one destination a little longer than you intended. It might be because you’ve found a significant other, the job you’ve sourced has real prospects, or you simply love living so close to the white sandy beach. Whatever the reason, you may find yourself wondering what it might be like to put down roots where you are. Filled with dread you may be worried about the costs, the effect it might have on your family back home, and you may be super fearful of making a mistake. After all, you’ve been a nomad for the past few years and might not fit back into the ‘normal’ way of living.

It’s time to take stock and work out what it is that you want from life. If a more secure foundation is what you are hankering after, there may be a complicated road that lies ahead. Take a look at these tips to help you work out whether you are ready to settle and what to do about it if you are.


Solo Travelling

As a solo traveller, you have already addressed those lingering butterflies of anxiety that were telling you that you can’t possibly organise a trip across the globe all by yourself. You proved those doubts wrong. A confident traveller, you know how to fit into the most obscure and underdeveloped communities and can find your niche in almost any destination. The reason why you went travelling in the first place was to seek new adventures, broaden your horizons and not see your life become stagnant and stale. The need to move forward was a key part of your choice to leave home in the first place.

When you decide to settle down, you are giving this up. You will no longer be able to take off on a whim to see the Northern Lights or the sunset over Mount Fuji. Your life will be more mundane and settle down into a routine. If reading this sentence has sent you into a panic attack and reaching for a brown paper bag, now is not the time to consider putting down roots. However, if this notion is filling your heart with a warm fuzzy feeling and you relish the chance to find that stability in your life once again, you may be ready to halt the travelling and plant your feet on firmer ground.



The ability to settle wherever you want on the planet is not a God-given right sadly. Countries have their own criteria and requirements, not allowing just anybody into their nations. And why should they? It is up to you to prove that you have something to give back to the country you wish to settle in and prove to them through evidence and documentation that you will be an outstanding citizen.

Becoming a permanent resident in any country is not a simple process and takes time. Visas need to be looked at, paperwork needs to be combed through, and you will need to be vetted. Your number one priority should be maximising your chances of securing permanent resident status in the country of your choice. If you are already there making a positive contribution to society, paying taxes and giving back, you will have a greater chance of success.

Before you think about making an application, you need to be certain that you have a strong chance of being accepted. In Australia, for example, there are an array of resident visas that you could apply for depending on the job that you do and how many points you can accrue using their resident scoring system. You could employ a third party to oversee your application. These experts like those at Immigration Solutions in Singapore, understand the intricacies of the application process and can navigate the procedure for you. This will lessen the burden on you, relieve a little bit of the stress and you can feel safe in the knowledge that your application is in professional hands. Form filling can be a minefield, and it pays to invest in a service that will see your application looking as prepared as possible. They will handle the documentation sourcing, your letter of application and any evidence that needs to be collated.


Becoming a Resident

Adjusting to life as a permanent resident and finding yourself coming back from work to the same humble abode day in, day out can take some getting used to. You may find that you have a little bit of post-travelling anxiety. This is normal. If you’ve had nothing but a backpack and five days worth of clothes on your back for the past two or three years, you’re allowed to feel a mild sense of nervousness as you realise that you have to start again. You’ll need to set up a bank account, take out a lease on an apartment and start generating a stable social circle once again.

When these aspects of your life become more settled, you will relish your newfound stability. The days of journeying out into the wilderness for months on end will be long gone, but you can still take vacations across the globe knowing that you have an awesome home to return to. The luxury of travelling the planet means that you will have carried out the largest real estate viewing ever. Wherever you choose to settle will be a wise choice due to your inherent research while meandering destinations on your travels.

The pull and attraction to putting down roots cannot be ignored, but you should draw up a list of pros and cons to settling down. If travelling is becoming a little tedious and you are in love with the place you currently find yourself in, who says you need to move on? You don’t. Listen to your gut, as you have done throughout your adventures across the globe and do what’s right for you.

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