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Trekking review: Atlas Mountains

After reaching out to the trekkers in my own community, I was a bit undecided between the trekking trails of Morocco or New Zealand. Well, the quick and environmentally supportive decision was taken in favour of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. As the highest peak of North Africa is Jbel Toubkal, that is the reason why most tourists are attracted to the High Atlas Mountains. It is reachable from Marrakech and a very convenient road trip is also an amazing experience. Reaching the starting point somewhere out of Imlil, Asani. I, a crazy bunch of my friends and other walkers decided to hire mules. The mule track is in excellent condition. Well, I thought the trekking would be crowded as it was clearly mentioned that March and April are the crowded months. But, to my surprise, the place was giving a different view.

Trekking to the Atlas Mountains

There is amazing scenery to sit and admire. Yes, I would never mind doing it. It’s wildness, the stirring beauty of the peaks and villages. Houses in nearby villages are stacked over. They look really cool and yes, it shows the colourful side of Morocco and its cities from the heights. The place is great to experience a peaceful journey. Talking and singing we were moving and moving on towards great heights.

The most important thing is to keep your backpack. Every individual, either female or male should keep his/her essentials with them. Extra footwear, wet wipes, sunglasses, bandages and beverages. Nevertheless, the view of the High Atlas Mountains and realizing that you’re following one of the world’s great tracks is overwhelming. The path is a little bit tiring but, the dramatic scenery is worthwhile. By the time you reach the summit, it becomes more exciting and the scenery turns out to be an energy booster. “No going back” is the foremost feeling of reaching the top.

I have heard it at various places that the High Atlas Mountains are the most fabulous mountain range in North Africa and one can easily see why after reaching the top. Little snowy and greenery but the main thing to enjoy is a peaceful environment. Weather conditions are quite favourable too.

Later, I was informed about other treks – I hope to try them some other time. For now, it’s all good at the peak and the dramatic scenery is quite breath-taking. Life seems tough after coming back from the place, we were back in Marrakech but I lost my heart somewhere in the valleys of Atlas Mountains. Trust me this nostalgic feel is real, once you’ve been around the spectacular view of Atlas Mountains, it introduces you to another world of peace and charm. A person can eventually fall in love with this whole place in a minute. Unfortunately, these moments aren’t supposed to be frozen, they are going to stay in your memory while you’ll return to your own city.

If you’re planning your holidays to Morocco, keep trekking the Atlas Mountains as a top priority. It doesn’t require many preparations, as you can decide in an afternoon and book your tour with any company on the spot.


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