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Travelling the world by motorcycle? Do these things before setting off

Being able to pack a bag and travel the world is an empowering experience. Breathing in fresh air at new destinations each day is enough to mend any broken soul. One of the greatest ways of travelling the world is by motorcycle, and unlike travelling in a car, you need to take extra precautions so that your experience isn’t ruined, and that it goes as smooth as possible. Take a look at these things to do before setting off on a motorcycle tour around the world.

Add extra space for necessities

As you’re already aware, unlike cars you cannot simply put everything you need for your trip in your trunk. However, when you’re travelling the world, you’re going to need to take some necessities with you like water, a first aid kit, minimal clothing, and things like money and your passport. It’s understandable that you don’t really want a bag on your back at all times, so why not buy yourself a clip on bag for your motorcycle so that you’re able to add some extra space for packing the essentials?

Be aware of other drivers

It’s no secret that some people on the roads drive like lunatics, and that’s why it’s important to be aware of other drivers, especially when you’re on a motorcycle. Avoid any situation that could lead to an accident occurring that could be blamed on you. If you’re particularly worried about this sort of thing, then get a motorcycle accident lawyer ready to help fight your case if needs be.

Plan out the safest route

Since you’re unable to have GPS on a motorbike, then it’s important to plan out the safest route in advance so that you don’t end up stuck in a tailback that’s miles long. Try to go for quieter roads to minimise the chances of accidents.

Have your bike serviced

This one doesn’t really need explaining, but you should have your bike completely serviced before setting off to avoid any breakdowns or accidents along the way. Remember to include your tyres as part of the service, especially if you’re going to be travelling a particularly long distance!

Take an extra set of protective gear

While you might be setting off in your protective motorcycle gear, you never know when your protective gear might become wet or damaged, so it’s important to take an extra set of protective gear so that you’re not putting your health at risk when you’re on the road.

Invest in a camera

Finally, consider investing in a camera that attaches to your helmet as you’re riding along. Not only will it help prove that you were driving safely if needs be. But, it will help document your journey around the world! There is a vast range of different cameras that you could go for, so why not treat yourself to a brand new helmet cam?

Check all of these things off before travelling the world by motorcycle so you can rest assured that you’ve got everything and that your journey will be as safe as possible!

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