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Travelling as light as you can

Taking a vacation is meant to be a relaxing time, and yet often that’s not the experience we remember. It’s usually the planning stage that has a lot of us in a twist: have you packed your passport? Is everything you need inside your case? Stop your worrying when it comes to handling your baggage; you never need as much as you think! Here are a few tips on travelling as light as you can.

Don’t Take a Big Case

Never pack a bag that’s bigger than a carry-on. A lot of the time the extra space just tricks you into taking more than you actually need. You have a better chance of not over packing when your case has a depth no bigger than 22 inches. Don’t worry, you can fit in all the essentials as well as a good book or two if you want them.

When you only have a carry-on, it means you can keep your luggage with you at all times, meaning there’s quite possibly no chance of it being lost in the baggage terminals. It also allows you to have everything you might need on hand at all times, just stored in the overhead area. Perfect for long-haul flights, or if you spill something down your shirt.

Keep Your Daybag Inside Your Case

It won’t waste space when you keep a backpack small and light to make sure you can comfortably carry it around a country. You can also pack things inside it when it goes in your case, thus keeping the same amount of storage you had originally.

Having a backpack tucked away also means you won’t pay any handling fees at the airport. Airline fuel costs have never had it so good.

When it Comes to Clothing

Pack light synthetic materials, as these are breathable and keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. They’re also easily stackable, and easy to clean when it comes to it.

Don’t fold your clothing to pack it. Instead, roll your clothing up into bundles. It leaves less chance for creasing and more room in your suitcase as a result. It also makes picking the outfit of the day a lot easier when you’re sleepy from the morning sun.

Change Your Passport

Did you know that carrying around a passport in an A5 format can be now considered old school? You can get yourself a passport card nowadays. What a great alternative!

We can all agree that having a passport on us at all times when we’re overseas can get cumbersome, and there’s usually no good place to keep it on your outfit at all times. Those passport carriers you can tie around your neck aren’t at all stylish and can break very easily.

If you’re an experienced traveller, you’re going to know of a few more hacks for packing a suitcase that makes a vacation a lot easier to conduct. Do share your thoughts on how to travel light around!

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4 thoughts on “Travelling as light as you can”

  1. People get all freaked out about “checking their bag”, when I find it makes my trip a lot less stressful. Packing light from a guy’s viewpoint (at least for me) all comes down to the toiletries. Advil, eye drops and hair gel, is mostly what I need, in very small quantities. The smallest possible travel-sizes of anything else, like shaving cream w/ tiny brush and I’m set for a few days.

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