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Travelling on impulse: is it a good idea?

Have you ever spoken to someone that’s travelled on impulse? They were just walking along one day and saw an advert for a holiday and thought, why not!? Loads of people do this as they believe it’s a great way to enhance the whole travel experience. By impulsively going away, you have no plan and can take everything as it comes. It’s like watching a movie for the first time, you have no idea how things are going to pan out.

I must admit, the idea does appeal to me in some ways. There’s something about just going with the flow that’s quite liberating. It gives you a real sense of excitement to do things on impulse, I can definitely see why lots of people do this.

But, just because something seems cool and fun, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good idea. As someone that gives a lot of travel advice, I want to think about impulse travelling and some of the issues that might crop up. If you see these problems, you can decide for yourself if it’s still a good idea or not.

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Potentially Expensive

Perhaps the biggest thing to put people off impulse travelling is the costs. Normally, the smart way to travel is to plan the costs out and find the cheapest deals. This means spending ages on an online travel agency as you work out how to spend as little money as possible. Typically, the earlier you book, the cheaper a holiday will be – particularly your fights. So, if you travel on impulse, you might book things a week or a few days in advance at most. This means it’s potentially expensive, which can be an issue for people that travel on a budget.

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Time Off Work

You find the majority of impulse travellers are likely to be students or people without jobs. Students can travel anywhere at any time during the summer as they have a lot of time off. The same goes for people that don’t have full-time jobs. But, if you’re not in either category and you have a job, can you book time off work at such short notice? Most employers like to know about holidays as early as possible, they won’t take kindly to you going away for a week or two with just a few days notice.

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Not A Lot Of Structure

The main appeal of impulse travelling is also one of its drawbacks. There’s not a lot of structure to travelling like this, you take things as they come. You don’t have time to properly plan things out, which can lead to you forgetting to pack things or getting somewhere and having no clue where to start. If you’re good at doing things impulsively, this won’t be an issue for you. But, for someone that likes to have a travel plan in mind, it might be a bit of a struggle.

I guess the answer to whether or not travelling on impulse is a good idea depends on who you are. If you have the money and time to jet off anywhere at any time, then it’s definitely a fun thing to do. But, if you like a structured vacation that needs to be methodically planned, I’d stay away from your impulses.

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