How has travel changed in the last 20 years?

The world has changed drastically in the twenty years in so many ways. Some aspects of our everyday lives are completely unrecognisable. Travel is no exception to this rule. From the way that we book flights, get to the airport, find our way around the countries we land in and stay in touch with people back home, the travel industry has come on a long way. Here is a quick rundown of the way that we explore the world has changed in the last couple of decades.

Travel Agents

There are still a couple of high street travel agents in existence but their days are numbered. It used to be that you had to go into a travel agent and ask what deals they had and take what they gave you. You trusted them to find you the best deals and you pay them a fee for the privilege. It helped to take a lot of stress out of planning your trip. These days, there’s just no need for them. Online comparison sites can do all of that for you for free, from the comfort of your own home. You can usually get better deals on those sites as well so the likelihood is that the high street travel agent will disappear completely in the next couple of years.

Low-Cost Airlines

Low cost airlines have been around for a while but they used to only offer a few European destinations and the times were incredibly limited. These days the low cost airlines go to most of the same destinations as the premium ones at a fraction of the cost. However, they do come with their problems. Those prices are starting to creep up because they’re always adding on extra charges for baggage allowances. You can get around that by using packing cubes to minimize the amount of luggage you need to take. Here are the pros and cons of packing cubes to help you decide whether you could use them to get cheaper prices on your flights. Low cost airlines are good in some senses because you can get good rates but they aren’t as good as they first appear because of all of the hidden charges they slap on you.

Calling Home

Contacting the people back home is so much easier than it used to be. Ten years ago you’d have to pay a ridiculous charge to make an overseas call or find an internet cafe to send an email. These days you can just use wifi to get in touch with anybody that you like without having to pay over the odds for it. That makes long stints abroad a bit easier and it also makes traveling much safer because people know where you are at all times.


One of the best things about getting back from a trip when I was a kid was waiting a couple of days to have the photos developed from the old wind up disposable cameras we used to take with us. It was always a bit of a disappointment because half of them ended up being blurry pictures of people’s finger over the lens but you could never tell what was going to come out until you got them developed. Nowadays everybody has a high-quality digital camera on their phone and the photos are usually up on Facebook before they’ve even got back. That’s not quite as fun but you do end up with far better photos.

Overall, travel is cheaper and far safer than it used to be but some of the fun has been taken out of it.   

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