Top US States to visit in 2017

Some people think we need to make America great again, but, it’s always been great! There are so many amazing cities and destinations throughout the country, it’s a travelers dream. You’ve got fifty states to explore and so many things to see.

Today, I’m going to narrow things down to my top three states to visit this year. Check them out, and add them to your travel wish list


You can’t really travel around the US without stopping off in Florida. It’s called the sunshine state for a reason, and you just have to go there. It’s the ultimate summer holiday destination, with so many sandy beaches and great weather. There are even loads of attractions for kids and families too.

If I had to give advice for a Florida trip, it would be to go to Orlando. It’s simply the beating heart of Florida as there are so many amazing things to do and see, such as Walt Disney World and the Universal Studios.

New Jersey

There is so much to do in New Jersey, it’s really become one of the great holiday states in the US. Primarily, this is down to the legendary Jersey shore – and I’m not talking about that ridiculous TV show here! I’m talking about the actual coastline and shore along Jersey, which is fantastic. There are loads of gorgeous beaches and holiday resorts, it’s one of the main reasons to go here. There’s also the iconic Liberty State Park which grants you brilliant views of the Statue Of Liberty herself.

I have two pieces of advice for holidaying in this state. Firstly, stay near Jersey Shore in the summer as it’s just brilliant. Secondly, make sure you get some transport sorted from the airport as it is quite far away from most places in NJ. There are things like an airport car service from Bergen Limo that can help you travel in luxury or just any other transport you can think of. The problem is that there’s only one main airport for the state, and it’s closer to NYC than anywhere else.


Hawaii is the fiftieth state in the US, and the only one made up entirely of islands! It’s also probably the prettiest place in the entire country. Well, that is, if you enjoy sandy beaches, palm trees, incredible mountains, mindblowing volcanos, and friendly locals. There’s simply so much to do here, it has something for everyone. If you want a relaxing holiday, you can easily chill on the beach or in a resort. If you fancy doing some exploring, you can climb to the top of a dormant volcano – it’s amazing.

My only advice for Hawaii trips is to embrace the fact you will have to wear those cool flower things around your neck. I’m kidding, my real advice is probably to base yourself in Maui. It’s the center of everything, it’s close to most of the main tourist attractions, and it’s got an airport nearby.

If you want to travel around the US, any of these three states is the place to start. They’re all brilliant for individuals as well as families.


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