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The best ways to travel better

There aren’t many things as exciting as planning to go travelling. But, somewhere along the way, you might find that you have lost that little spark. The one that prompted you to book it all in the first place. So here are a couple of ways that you can spice up your travelling – while you’re still on the road.

Capture More

Yes, there are so many downsides to sharing everything we do on social media. But, there aren’t many downsides to taking as many photos as possible for our own pleasure. Even if you have filled up some memory cards up until this point, find a photography challenge and complete that too. Swap point and shoot for long exposures, some slow-mo videos of waves lapping on the shore. Try and capture multiple sunrises – one for each destination you’re in. Street photography is always great too. Think outside the box and give yourself some visual memories forever.


Each day be sure to write something about what you have done. Talk about the sights, the smells, the people. Your own words will be great to read in years to come and sharing them with friends and family will be lovely. If you aren’t great at putting pen to paper – think about writing on a personal blog every day, or send pieces in to travel magazines and already established blogs.

Do Some Good

No matter what country you land in, there will be a way to do some good. You could choose to teach English as a language in classes or get involved in volunteering projects. Partnering up with a company like Global Adventure Challenges will give you the opportunity to raise money for different causes AND complete a personal challenge too.  


Make a point to collect something from everywhere you visit. It might be a Starbucks mug with the city name on, it could be an ‘I <3 City’ t-shirt from a street vendor, it might even be local stamps – along with the gorgeous photos, and giving something back, it is always lovely to have a box of physical items to bring your right back to where you were.

Get (Carefully) Lost

If you have spent some time learning the language for the country that your visiting, try to head out for an afternoon without your trust Google Maps to help you out of a sticky situation. Take a paper map, and head out. Walk the streets a little bit, if you need help ask in local stores. Try to keep this within daylight hours, in districts that you know to be pretty safe. Feel like a tourist, and get that sense of wonder that can so quickly become lost with savvy travellers.

Local Events

Whenever possible, try to stay in smaller towns and head to local events. Car boot sales, food markets, even smaller funfairs and local interest information events. They have a range of food, are typically much smaller and more welcoming than more significant events and carnivals – you can get a more profound sense of the people and culture.

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