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The Best Outdoor Activities in North Carolina

Every US state offers incredible opportunities for outdoor activities. But there are some you might think of before others, whether it’s surfing in California or hiking in Wyoming. If you’re looking for a different state to visit, which might be less busy than some of the more popular options, North Carolina is a great choice. It’s a fantastic place to visit if you’re looking for outdoor activities, from extreme sports to slightly more sedate things to do. There are plenty of beautiful settings to explore, from stunning mountains to amazing forests. Take a look at these activities for your next visit.


Fishing is a varied sport. It can be incredibly relaxing and quiet or it can be thrilling and offer plenty of excitement. If you want to go fishing in North Carolina, you should head to the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail. This is the best place for fishing trout, with 15 different locations where you can find brook, brown, and rainbow trout. You can find everything from little streams to open waters, so there’s something for everyone and every style of angler. You can get free fishing maps and there are places to stay along the trail too.


You’ll find incredible hikes all over the US, and North Carolina is no different. The Blue Ridge Mountains are legendary, extending not just into North Carolina but several other neighboring states too. They’re where you want to go for some epic hikes. Grandfather Mountain is one of the tallest peaks, at 5,946 feet, and it offers a choice of challenges. You can take a steep 4-mile hike that features cables and ladders at Grandfather Mountain State Park. Or you can head to Mile High Swinging Bridge, which is the highest suspension footbridge in the US, and walk between two of the mountain’s pinnacles.


Some people might say that golf is a good walk ruined, but many others love to spend their time golfing. If you love to golf wherever you go, you can discover some premier mountain golfing in North Carolina. At Laurel Ridge, you’ll get incredible views of the Great Smoky Mountains, a mountain range that sits on the border with Tennessee. Whether you want to play a full 18 holes or just spend some time in the driving range, there’s nothing better than golfing when you’re surrounded by incredible views and in good company too.

Mountain Biking

Cycling is another activity that can be sedate if you want it to be, but also offers you the opportunity to seek a thrill. Riding the Kerr Scott Trails near Wilkesboro is a great way to get active and have an exciting time. There are more than 30 miles of trails for you to enjoy, taking you through a hardwood forest. There are three main trail systems and shorter trails that loop or connect to the main ones, giving you plenty of options to explore.

If you’re planning a visit to North Carolina or looking for somewhere to get outdoors, make your next trip an active one with these ideas.

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