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Take the road less travelled for a relaxing retreat

America is renowned for its potential when it comes to planning a road trip. The first place to spring to people’s minds? Route 66. Otherwise known as the Will Rogers Highway, the Main Street of America, or the Mother Road, this was one of the first highways to be established in the US highway system. It spans almost 4000km from Chicago to California. Other popular routes head towards major cities or National Parks, meaning that road trips are often undertaken by lovers of the city and rural landscapes alike. But all of these destinations tend to be rather hectic. Whether you’re trailing around inner city museums or hiking through forests, you’re going to be exerting a fair amount of energy. So where should you head if you’re looking for rest, relaxation, and recuperation? Well, for more tranquil spots, you’re probably going to have to divert and take the road less travelled. Here are a few destinations that will satiate your wanderlust without completely wearing you out. You might not have considered them before, but give them a try. You never know, you might find your new favourite place!

North Conway, NH

North Conway lies in New Hampshire and is a sleepy little town with a whole lot to offer when it comes to an alternative getaway. It is placed against a background of over 700,000 acres of protected White Mountain National Forest. When you visit somewhere that’s relatively remote like North Conway, you’re going to want to invest in your accommodation. Think about it, when you’re visiting bustling major cities like New York, you literally use your accommodation as a place to rest your head for the night between seemingly endless activities. When you are somewhere a little quieter, you can truly appreciate the luxury and amenities provided with your accommodation. Settle down in a delightful hotel like Stonehurst Manor, where you can immerse yourself in the classic glamour of the 19th century. Try out the elegant on-site dining and spend your evenings reading a classic novel with a signature cocktail in the library lounge. Spend your days basking in the picturesque landscape. Take a stroll through the woods or try out a day of skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, or canoeing nearby. Visit the Diana’s Baths Waterfalls or take a dip in the cooling waters that line the Kancamagus Highway. While there are sufficient options for activities and places to explore to keep you occupied, you won’t feel pushed to tick of multiple boxes that appear on tourist checklists.

Bear Lake, Idaho

Bear Lake almost sounds like something out of a kid’s cartoon. But in real life, this often overlooked spot is endearingly named the “Caribbean of the Rockies” by those who know its true worth. Just one look at the azure blue waters of the lake itself and you’ll be smitten. While it’s a shame that this spot is so often overlooked, there’s also the benefit that it won’t be packed side by side with other people when you visit. Instead, you will be amongst bearable company (excuse the pun) and able to make the most of various recreational activities including swimming, boating, sailing, and jet skiing. If you’re interested in nature, you can also take an afternoon or two out to go bird watching.

These are just two cities that you might want to consider. Remember just how many more there are out there! So, be open with your travel choices, and you might well be positively surprised by where your journey leads you.

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