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The surprising benefits of camping

In a world where there are fancy hotels packed full of modern luxuries and surrounded by popular tourist attractions, many people are still choosing to go camping instead. To leave everything behind and get away from it all on a fun and relaxing camping holiday. This in itself tells us that there must be many great benefits to going on a camping trip. Here’s a look at some of them.

It’s Cheap

Camping can be quite confusing when it comes to money. Many people assume it’s cheaper than a package holiday, only to look at the site fees and equipment needed and worry that it’s actually not at all. But, the beauty of camping is that it’s only as expensive as you want it to be. Yes, there’s tons of equipment you can buy, and there are expensive campsites with modern facilities and luxuries. But, you don’t need that. Check out hammock camping 101 to learn about an alternative to a fancy tent and tons of stuff.

It’s Social

One reason people go camping is to get away from other people. In day to day life, we’re surrounded by people and noise so camping appeals as a chance to get some peace. But, it’s a different kind of social. You’ll talk to total strangers and have fun relaxing with them and getting to know them. The art of polite, friendly socialization gets lost in modern life and city living can be remarkably lonely. Camping is your chance to brush up on those skills and enjoy the company of other people again.

It Can Improve Your Online Following

Yes, camping is a great excuse to get away from technology. But, only if you want it to be. Take your phone, snap some scenic shots for Instagram and watch your following grow. Check out the best camping hashtags to help.

You’ll Get Lots of Exercise

Exercise on a relaxing break? Doesn’t sound right, does it? But, this is the best kind of exercise. The kind you don’t even realize you’re doing. When you go camping you have to carry things, hike, chop wood, and pitch the tent. It’s a physical experience. You’ll also want to go exploring and get back in touch with nature. You’ll be doing more steps than ever and loving it.

You’ll Sleep Better

Being outdoors, exercising more and getting away from life’s everyday stresses can all help you to get a great night’s sleep. Sleeping on a floor or in a hammock can also help to improve your posture, meaning you’ll sleep better even after you’ve gone home.

It’ll Make Your Problems Seem Smaller

When we live in big cities and spend most of our time doing everyday things, we fail to appreciate nature. Getting out there, seeing it and living as part of it can make your problems, and everyday worries seem smaller and more insignificant. This makes it easier to spot solutions and regain focus.

If you’ve never been camping before, you’re certain to love it. So, grab some gear and get going! What’s stopping you?

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