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Solo traveller: what you need to pack

When travelling alone, the rule of packing light isn’t anywhere near as important as packing smart. That is the key. Things happen when travelling – items get lost, and when you’re on your own it’s even more distressing. So you want to make sure that you are prepared for every type of scenario.

Is it necessary?

The first thing you want to think about is whether it’s absolutely necessary. Money, for example, is. This is what will get you food and drink, a safe place to stay, and a back up if all else fails. So you should make sure you have enough before you even consider going away. If you don’t have a savings account to tap into, then fast cash loans may be ideal. Just make sure you can afford to pay everything back in time otherwise interest rates will be through the roof.

Comfort and convenience

This means any items whether it be clothing, shoes, or accessories, should be comfortable to wear, and convenient. So if you were thinking about bringing a few pairs of strappy heels – don’t bother. Instead, get a good pair of footwear that support you in your adventures, and don’t cause you any kind of discomfort, because that’s the last thing you want when backpacking.

Multi purpose

Things that can be used for different tasks on different occasions are ideal. Believe it or not, small sealable plastic bags – like sandwich bags – are a brilliant item to take with you. You can hold items together with them, like medication, bug repellent, jewellery, money, and even electronics like your phone and charger, as they’ll be protected by any liquids or moisture as the bags are waterproof. Plus you can have a lot of them, and they don’t take up any room as they’ll just slide into the bottom of your backpack. Another excellent multipurpose item is wet wipes! If you need to freshen yourself up, clean an object, or wipe an area down – they’ve got your back.


God forbid anything bad were to happen, but it’s always smart to have things that can help you out of a difficult situation. So you’ll want to get an emergency blanket for when the weather conditions aren’t on your side. A torch – or even a head light so you don’t have to use your hands. – Just make sure you have a rechargeable battery pack, or you use a manual charge up light. A whistle is always wise too in case you get lost in an overgrown area, or you feel you’re in danger with someone or something – a whistle can be a way of scaring off the risk, or calling for help.

Long distance

Remember that whatever you pack is going to have to be carried around everyday. So make sure that your backpack is a good one! These can be pretty pricey but it’ll be worth every penny. You want something that is secure and fits to your body, rather than being dead weight and dragging you down. Do your research and find what works best for you. This means going into stores and trying things on!

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  1. Solo traveling doesn’t come with numerous advantages. It is ideal for self mood-boosting, boosting self-confidence, flexibility and challenging. No doubt, as it is a solo trip, you should plan your trip properly as far as concerned with the gear you are carrying. However, in some cases, it can prove flop if not prepared properly. Thanks for sharing this tip.

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