Why skiing is an amazing summer holiday

Normally, people flock in their droves to the beach for a summer holiday. After all, you have to make most of the sun while it lasts. But, what if a beach holiday or a vacation in the sun doesn’t float your boat? What if you prefer doing something different this summertime? Well, if you do, skiing is worth considering. Sure, the idea of a snow-capped mountain in the middle of August might sound silly, but it is far from stupid. It is realistic, and apart from that, it is also the best time to go. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the following and eat your words!

All Year Slopes

For the most part, the snow melts in the summer and doesn’t come back until autumn. However, there are places where the snow stays all year round regardless of the season. Of course, the weather in the south of New Zealand and Argentina doesn’t get much warmer even in the summer. As such, Coronet Peak and Cerro Catedral are two excellent places to visit. But, it isn’t only the southern hemisphere because Europe also has some quality skiing. Tignes in France and Engelberg in Switzerland are on glaciers, which means the snow and ice never leave.

Cheaper Than Winter

Still, just because there are summer options doesn’t mean you can’t go in the winter. Well, it does for some people because the cost of a winter pass can cost a couple of hundred dollars. If the whole family goes, the entire holiday could come to more than a $2,000 to $3,000. This isn’t the case in the summertime because the demand is a lot lower. As a result, the passes for the slopes drop in price by a significant margin. And, it isn’t only the ski passes as accommodation is less expensive too. A ski chalet in France in the winter can cost more than €20,000. In the spring and summer, it is closer to €8,000.

Not As Busy

Anyone who has ever skied in the winter will understand how frustrating it is. Every five seconds it feels like you are knocking into another person for getting in their line. And, when you do find some free space, it isn’t long before the crowds join you. In the winter, you have to get on with it and accept that the people are not going anywhere. But, in the summer, you can be sure that the number of people will be a lot lower. Because they are on the beach or soaking up the sun, the slopes are far less crowded and much more enjoyable.

It’s Different

Humans are creatures of habit. As a result, it isn’t uncommon to go on the same vacation every year. Although it’s nice to get away, it is important to have a mix of experiences. That way, life never gets boring or monotonous. Skiing in summer is different, and its uniqueness makes it exciting.

Not many people come back from a summer skiing holiday and complain about the experience.

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