Say hi to Ohio: the essential weird and wonderful hotspots to visit

Bordered by the Appalachian Mountains and Lake Eerie, Ohio is a state of epic geographical wonders. Situated in the beautiful Great Lakes region, you couldn’t find a more apt state if you ache to embark on an outdoors adventure, wildlife spotting at Acadia Cliffs or kayaking on a voyage around Whiskey Island. Ohio has something for pretty much everyone. It also caters spectacularly well for the more kooky and quirky tourists among us. Take a look at these weird and wonderful hotspots that you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Ohio.


American Sign Museum

If you love nothing better than witnessing the flickering neon of all-American diner and gas station signs, then the American Sign Museum is the place to be. The comprehensive collection of signs dated all the way back to the 1800s are expertly displayed and show how advertising has developed through the years. Although not the first museum you may consider visiting, this will certainly be one of the most eclectic.


The play on words being Stonehenge, Cornhenge is a public art display that shows off a series of gigantic monolith style ears of corn for you to peruse and wander in between. The massive maize structures were designed by artist Malcolm Cochran and completed in 1994. Native Ohioans love their art installation, and it has been the venue for many a wedding and festival.

The Mushroom House

From corn to fungi, Ohio is also home to the Mushroom House. Although not actually made from shitake, oyster or button varieties, this weird and wonderful pad uses materials so that the external facade of the building resembles a mushroom. The eccentric owner sadly passed away in 2008, but the building remains a tourist attraction to this day.

The Shawshank Trail

Everyone who has seen the Shawshank Redemption movie knows the cult following that it has accumulated. As part of your vacation in this Midwestern state, why not venture along the Shawshank Trail and visit fourteen locations where the movie was shot. You’ll get to stand outside the courthouse where Andy was tried for murdering his wife and visit the oak tree where Redheads to when he’s let out on parole. This is a great way to spend a couple of hours if you’re a movie buff.


Where To Stay?

After a jaunt around the oddest tourist attractions in the state, you’ll want a place to rest your aching bones. If you’re on a tight budget, one of the many hostels will be your best bet at getting a good night’s sleep at a reasonable price. If you have a little bit more in the kitty, consider a hotel like the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center where you can enjoy the free wifi and super cool Keurig coffee maker that adorns every room. The accommodation options really are endless so finding a spot to rest your weary hard shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Ohio is a state of contradictions with peaceful vistas, lakes, and parks on the one hand, with the flip side enjoying the surroundings of the lucky cat museum or preserved state lunatic asylum. Whatever it is you are searching for in a vacation, Ohio is sure to offer it.

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