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Sacramento: California’s overlooked jewel

Despite being the capital city of one of America’s wealthiest and most famous states, Sacramento is often tragically overlooked when it comes to travel shows and blogs that gloss right over this great city to get to more popular tourist fare like San Francisco, Anaheim or Los Angeles. This is a shame since this understated city hosts a huge range of fascinating attractions and rich history that make it an attractive vacation spot for travellers from all walks of life.

Sacramento’s diversity makes it a great spot for thrill seekers, families, culture vultures and everyone in between. Even its airport is an internationally celebrated destination in art circles, hosting one of the country’s largest collections of public art. The giant red rabbit that leaps through Terminal B and the Samson sculpture in Terminal A are just two of the museum quality pieces by internationally celebrated artists that you’ll see before you even step foot in the city proper.

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Marvelous Museums

Sacramento is one of the country’s most museum-rich cities, playing host to literally dozens of diverse and fascinating museums. History buffs will be fascinated by the treasures of the Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park (a classy monument to Californian excess), The California State Railroad Museum (a must for train buffs) and the California Museum (where visitors can learn all about the state’s rich cultural history) or the State Capitol Museum (a living museum that still serves as the Capitol building). Car nuts will enjoy the Automobile Museum while the scientifically minded will get a kick out of the Powerhouse Science Center (a Mecca for science enthusiasts with an ever changing array of interactive exhibits on the natural physical and biological sciences).

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Be Wowed by the Sacramento Zoo

Most major metropolitan cities contain a zoo where natives and tourists alike can see and learn about fascinating creatures of all shapes and sizes. Few, however, can match Sacramento Zoo’s historical significance, having entertained legions of visitors since it first opened in 1927. As well as hosting a huge array of native, rare and endangered animals, the zoo also features live animal shows, train rides, a carousel and even a host of hidden artistic gems.

Explore the magic of fairy tales at FairyTale Town

If you have kids (and even if you don’t) FairyTale Town brings the ubiquitous childhood tales that children have adored for centuries while also getting to interact with wonderful animals. You and your kids can explore such storybook staples as Mr McGregor’s garden, King Arthur’s castle, Sherwood Forest, Jack’s Beanstalk and a fully interactive pirate ship. It also features a children’s theater which features spectacular live shows and has a second stage (The Mother Goose Stage) that often showcases live music from a wide range of local and national talents.

On your way out, don’t forget to drop by the beautiful Lake Tahoe or (if you feel like driving a little further) the stunning Napa Valley and drive away with nothing but fond memories of California’s wonderful and under-appreciated capital.

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