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Rural heaven: explore the leisure of Lancaster

Picture in your mind if you will, the image of rural America. You can see wide open roads, swooping hills and long flat landscapes of forests and grassland. Perhaps one of the best things about America is that, although the rural towns may be small, they have so much to offer tourists and travelers. There’s no way you can call Lancaster’s leisurely activities in afterthought. It’s a town of around 60,000, with a rich history and importance in the state of Pennsylvania. It gave rise to the 15th president of the nation and has a lot of classic American rust belt culture still going strong. It is right at the edge of the eastern side of the rust belt as manufacturing industries of all kinds have at one time or another existed in or around the town. To this day, many historically important events and companies are celebrated by the locals. Come to Lancaster if you’re taking a slow and relaxed vacation.

Cosy and welcoming

The most iconic image of a rural homely stay is from the movie Groundhog Day. The main character is sleep in a cosy and welcoming bed and breakfast. He’s surrounded by friendly locals, who can offer advice and help on what to do and see, as well as enjoy a good hearty home cooked meal to start the day. So why not follow suit and check out the places to stay in Lancaster itself? Check out the Lititz House Bed & Breakfast for a quiet stay in a central location. They serve a gourmet breakfast in the morning to raise your energy levels up. If that doesn’t take your fancy try the Homestead Lodging located just a couple of minutes away from Lancaster’s great restaurants. They serve a free continental breakfast with homemade baked goods to boot.

Up to the stars

Little rural towns have been the setting for many astronaut stories in Hollywood. The little smalltown boy who grew up to become a national hero is a story everyone loves. Well at the North Museum of Nation and Science, astronomy is something that is greatly encouraged. There’s also a dinosaur gallery that looks into the anatomy of several beasts of that age. The vegetation of ancient times is also explored with large hulking trees being focused on too. If you’re traveling with kids they can have fun in the planetarium and gaze up to the stars with a wild imagination.

A long stroll

Since you are in the countryside more or less, why not go for a stroll in an 80-acre park? There are lots of outdoor activities, as well as a petting zoo. There’s also a playground for kids that have to let out all their energy at once. However, there are also events that take place here with many music concerts happening around spring and summertime.

Lancaster is a town that is the epitome of American rural heaven. Coming to this little town, you will be greeted by great hospitality, great prices for rooms and plenty of complimentary things like breakfasts and evening alcohol. During the day you can take your sweet time and explore the museum and go for a relaxing walk in a gigantic park.

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