Road trip bliss: boosting your kids imagination while saving your sanity

Nothing is better than a child’s sense of curiosity. Their want to constantly explore, learn, experiment, test the limits, push the rules and ask questions is just a marvel to watch and an absolute privilege to encourage. However, these same little joys that we parents adore, become our biggest challenge when it comes to enjoying a good old-fashioned road trip. Nothing has the ability to put parenting skills on the chopping block as curious kids in confined space. That is why you need to really get your thinking cap on ahead of your planned departure time and make sure you are able to entertain your little ones for the entire duration that you hog the highway.

So, without further ado, here are the best boredom busters, the kind that will keep their imagination stimulated and attention captivated, and your sanity the right side of the very thin line.

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Their Favourite Show

Whether you are behind the times or fine with progression doesn’t matter because screens are now everywhere. Phones, laptops and in-car televisions. These are all going to become handy when it comes to keeping them entertained on a particularly long trip and the reason why you should download their favorite shows and stock up on their favorite DVDs when it comes to packing up the car. Just make sure the screens can be seen by every kid (nothing is worse than an in-car fallout) and that headphones are used (because you will go insane otherwise).

Official Holiday Photographer

A great way to stimulate their interest, pique their curiosity and teach them a skill is to have them play the role of head vacation photographer. This could be done with your smartphone, creating Insta-worthy snaps, or it could be done with a disposable camera. What we love about the former is that you could then get yourself a postcard app and share the pics they take with your nearest and dearest, everyone getting an eyeful of what life looks like through your child’s eyes.

License Plate Games

These are for the road-tripping purists out there. Your first option is the classic, License Plate Bingo, in which you have to try and spot license plates from every US state. Pride, chocolate, tickets to Disneyland – what you give away as a prize is your call. Another great take on this classic is License Plate Lingo, in which your kids have to take it, in turn, to make up what the letters on a license plate mean. This is one for those with an imagination and a wicked sense of humor. Let’s say the number plate reads BRD, that could stand for ‘Biggest Red Dragon’ or ‘Brighton’s Rarest Dog’. You’ll be amazed at what your kid’s come up with.

Old School Games

Remember what life was like before we had all this in-your-pocket entertainment? Yeah, when we had a stick and a wheel and the instructions to have fun. Well, a road trip is a perfect time to teach your kids some of the ways you had fun, which could mean getting them into the celebrity name game. Pick someone to start – usually the youngest – and then have them name a famous person from history, current celebrity, cartoon character or the likes of. The next person then has to come up with another person whose first name begins with the previous person’s last name. For example, “Thomas Jefferson” followed by “Jeff Goldblum” followed by “Goldie Hawn”. Really showing our age there.

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