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Preparing For Post-Covid Travel: What Should I Take With Me?

Although many of your travel plans for 2020 were likely put on hold as a result of the pandemic, there is nothing wrong with planning for future travel. Especially as how we travel is likely to change quite a bit – from reduced crowds to wearing a facemask during flights. As a result, here are 5 things you should take with you when traveling (be that via plane, train, or something in between) post-pandemic. 

1. Hand Sanitizer

Whether you have always carried hand sanitizer with you, or have only recently added to your bag – it is important that you have some on hand when traveling too. This is to ensure your hands remain clean and germ-free, especially when you are in busier areas or have touched the same surface as others ahead of you. This is because they contain ethanol, which kills nearly 100% of the germs it comes into contact with.

2. A Face Mask

Aside from children under the age of 11, or those with a medical exemption, you will also need to bring a face mask with you when you are traveling. You may need to bring several along to ensure you don’t wear the same one twice if you aren’t going to have access to cleaning facilities during your trip. Chose a face mask that leaves you feeling as comfortable as possible and after a while, you will forget it is there at all.

3. Things to keep you entertained.

As security procedures change to account for different numbers of passengers and adhering to social distancing protocols, wait times are likely to be lengthened somewhat. Whether that means you need something to do during a layover or have to keep keep your kids smiling when traveling, be sure to have plenty of materials on hand to keep boredom at bay. This can include books, magazines, mobile phones, games, and more. 

4. Glasses

If you need prescription glasses for everyday use, or only need them now and again, it is important that you have them on hand when traveling and that they do not get misplaced. After all, the world is packed with beautiful things to discover – and you want to be able to see them when you get there. Thankfully, you can now order prescription glasses, lenses, contacts, and even sunglasses through a company website, without ever having to step foot in-store. This means it’s never been easier to find your dream pair of glasses. 

5. Headphones

Whether you plan on listening to music during your flight or watching a film to pass the time on a long train ride, headphones are always a must-have travel companion. This means you aren’t disturbing those around you with the sound from your device, and you can also hear things more clearly. Even better, if you are traveling with your little ones, you get a little peace and quiet during the journey. However, if you are hoping to get some sleep, and fear being seated next to a snoring passenger, you should also invest in a pair of quality ear-plugs that will block out surrounding noises and allow you to get plenty of rest, ready for your next adventure. 

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