where to travel this winter? Alaska

Play it cool – winter warmer destinations

Your vacation doesn’t have to be all adventure destinations and unbearable heat, it can be modest, simple, and cool. Not in the trendy sense, but in the temperature sense! As a vacation destination, it’s not always easy to pick somewhere cool, but there are some fantastic cold holiday destinations that you have to try out.

The Northern Lights in Lapland

Lapland is an absolutely wonderful place that has a lot of magic that is perfect for families and couples alike. Lapland is, of course, where Santa Claus comes from so you can meet Mr. Claus himself at his home in Rovaniemi. But you can also rent a cabin, or stay in a glass igloo hotel in Muotka or Nellim. What better way is there to enjoy the Northern Lights and the crisp, beautiful night times than in the comfort of your own bed where you can see everything through purpose-built see-through bubbles?

Going camping in Ladakh

This remote Indian destination is in the northernmost region and shares its border with Tibet. People may not think of India as a place for cold destinations but it can be very cold, even during the summer, and while this is not to everyone’s taste, the views are absolutely stunning. From the clear blue waters to the barren, yet beautiful, mountains. If you are a bit sensitive to the cold and wouldn’t be keen on camping in this climate, you can go for a heated luxury tent.

Going cruising in Alaska

While quite possibly a very clichéd place to go visit in the winter this region is full of beautiful sites, like glaciers, lagoons, and Fjords, as well as the icebergs. It is truly something to marvel at. The best way to explore Alaska is via a cruise, you will be able to see whales at close quarters, see tons of glaciers, or even go hiking on them. As an experience, Alaska really takes some beating. And you can also enjoy the comforts of a luxury cruise with all of the trimmings and a little something more to make your expedition extra special.

Exploring the winter markets in the UK

The magical time just before Christmas means that the various winter markets from across Europe start popping up. You can enjoy mulled wine or mulled cider while tucking into a Frankfurt hot dog with sauerkraut and some spicy mustard. Tasty! A lot of winter markets in the UK also have fun fairs, activities, as well as things like ice skating rinks so you can find something for the whole family. Against the backdrop of Christmas, the wonderful carnivals, twinkling lights, and, of course, the Christmas trees, it’s a lovely way to start the festive season.

The cold doesn’t have to be miserable and freezing, it can be the beginning of an incredible adventure, whether going hiking in the mountains or enjoying a nice hot mulled drink, you can find something to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside even though it is minus 15 outside!

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