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The photographer’s backpack: traveling light with a camera

Being interested in photography always comes with some drawbacks, regardless of who you are. For one, this sort of hobby is very expensive, with equipment costing a small fortune if you want to get the best stuff. Along with this, this skill will take a lot of time to learn, and a lot of people will find themselves getting bored if they don’t have new things to capture. Of course, though, this isn’t the biggest issue you could find.

Instead, for someone carrying a camera, travel is often the hardest part of the life of a photographer. Having to carry all of the gear you’ve bought will take a couple of bags, quickly eating into the space allowance you have for your flight. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way, and it doesn’t take much to make a difference. If you’re willing to make some compromises, there are loads of tools out there which can take away the need for a camera altogether.

Smartphones: Nowadays, almost everyone carries a smartphone wherever they go, giving access to loads of different tools and services. When it comes to your travel, the camera is the part you’re interested in, with some examples being almost as good as DSLR and mirrorless cameras which are a lot heavier. It’s easy to choose a phone based on the quality of the camera it has on board, and a lot of people choose to use this as their key measure when choosing these devices.

Support Tools: When you’re trying to take time lapses, long-exposure shots, or anything else which will need more than digital stabilization, having some support equipment can be very helpful. Monopods are the most popular for this, as they are the smallest and easiest to take around with you. Along with this, though, some people find it useful to have a mini tripod for the phone, too. It will be worth testing things like this before you take them away with you on vacation, as they may not work quite as planned.

Extra Lenses: Finally, as the key benefit of a standalone camera, a lot of people will miss having interchangeable lenses with just a phone to take their snaps. All of the top monoculars on the market have accessories which can overcome this. Giving you the power to increase the range on your camera without hurting the image fidelity, this sort of option is perfect when you’re looking for varied shots. You can find loads of little sets of lenses which are designed to be used with phones across the web. In most cases, these won’t be the best quality, and it will be worth avoiding them where you can.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your holiday photography. A lot of people assume that a good camera makes the best photos. In reality, though, it takes a good photographer to capture the perfect moment, and they will be able to do it on any device with a lens.

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