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Parks and piers: take the New Jersey journey

You and your friends have been so busy at work recently, you’ve barely had enough time to see each other. Your catch-ups have dwindled to a stark halt and you’re craving some quality time with your besties. Planning a trip away could be the ideal solution to getting you all back together and what better way than a brand new destination in America? New Jersey is home to a plethora of exciting activities that will be sure to rekindle your friendships with those you’ve lost touch with. Full of fun and social shenanigans you’re guaranteed to be heading back home full of memories and with a phone full of Instagram worthy photographs. Once you’ve got everybody on board and your packing is all done, you will be ready to explore the notoriously nice New Jersey.

Adventure and Amusements

If you’re looking to let loose and have a carefree day out in New Jersey, then look no further than Six Flags Great Adventure, an amusement park in Jackson. Visit the second largest theme park in the world and lose yourselves in a new planet of pure fun and laughter. Not only can you ride on white-knuckle roller coasters, you can also grab a delicious burger and see a show all in one day.

Another amusing day out could be had at the famous Morey’s Pier, which is one of the biggest amusement piers in the world. As well as taking full advantage of the thrilling rides and attractions on the pier, such as the classic Great White Roller coaster, you can also add a little luxury by hiring a private cabana. You can even spend the day relaxing in a hammock or shopping in the brand new retail area too.


Liberty State Park

Escape to a secret green paradise in the centre of northern New Jersey. Take in the jaw-dropping scenery as you combine the sleek Manhattan skyline with the stunning Statue of Liberty in one of the most spectacular parks there is. Enjoy a picnic whilst taking in the vibrant views or get active on a biking or hiking trail. If you’re looking for an inexpensive and close by place to stay then the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tower Center New Brunswick would be the ideal hotel for you. Just over a thirty minute drive from the breaktaking Liberty State Park, you can enjoy a full day out without the fear of a long journey back to where you’re staying.

Marvellous Cape May

Head to the picturesque Cape May, where you can take in the historical Delaware Bay; discovered in the 18th and 19th centuries, back when it was a stylish resort town. Many US presidents have even resided there, as the beautiful beaches drew them in. If you fancy looking at some amazing architecture then take a tour of Emlen Physick Estate, which is now a museum open for public viewing. If you want to take to the water then hop on a boat at the harbour, where you can enjoy a whale and dolphin spotting cruise!

Now is your chance for you and your friends to try out a brand new holiday destination. New Jersey has everything you could ever need for an amusing, awe-inspiring and adventurous trip!


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