Clifton Mill Christmas

The undiscovered beauty of Christmas in Ohio

Christmas is a great time to spend with family, friends and loved ones, but who says that you have to spend your Christmas day slaving away over a hot stove and picking shreds of wrapping paper out of the carpet? […]

6 Things to do in New York City for fun

Travel to New York City inevitably ends up revolving largely around sightseeing. The monuments, parks, and famous buildings all around the city demand attention, and frankly they’re a delight to explore if you’ve never done it before (and if the […]

milky way

How to deal with becoming stranded

Have you ever thought about how you would act if you were to become accidentally stranded in a remote location? You may think that it will never happen to you, but you never truly know what’s going to happen to […]

houston space centre

Lose yourself in the Lone Star State!

Texas may not be on the list of states that you are desperate to visit, but perhaps it should be. After all, there’s a lot more to this location than meets the eye. We often see Texas as merely a […]


Preparing for an extended outdoor expedition

There are different ways to explore nature. You might only need a few essential items for a relaxing family trip to a big campsite, but you need to be more prepared for an extended outdoor expedition. If you want to […]

travel apps

10 amazing apps to make your travel life easy

Technology has a huge impact on our lives today. It is a means to simplify our fast-paced life by providing us with various facilities at our fingertips. New technologies are helping us make the world a better place to live. […]

farm in Lancaster

Rural heaven: explore the leisure of Lancaster

Picture in your mind if you will, the image of rural America. You can see wide open roads, swooping hills and long flat landscapes of forests and grassland. Perhaps one of the best things about America is that, although the […]

airport booking

Book early or book last minute?

When planning a vacation on a budget, the time in which you book can have a big impact on the price. Booking early (i.e. about a year to 9 months in advance) can get you access to early bird discounts, […]

texas beach

3 amazing beaches you can find in Texas

When people think of beach holidays they’re usually thinking about going somewhere exotic like the Caribbean or Spain, they’re not usually thinking of Texas. The state is known for a lot of things but most people don’t tend to associate […]