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Oh lovely Ohio!

Ohio is famous for many reasons. Whilst it might not be one of the most popular states to visit, it has so much charm and character, that we really do think you should consider putting it on your state destination list. It’s such a happy state, full of happy people, and full of great things to do. Because it isn’t one of the more popular areas with the tourists, such as Florida or New York, you won’t find yourself paying through the nose to do things whilst you’re there. Instead, you’ll have lovely walks in the park, sightseeing tours galore, and food that will make your eyes and your belly pop. We really want to convince you to visit lovely Ohio, so have a read of the travel info we have below and see if it convinces you to book the next flight out there!

A Lil Bit Of Nature

Sometimes, being surrounded by a concrete jungle is the last thing that you want from a holiday, but trust us, it’s the one thing that you’ll get from some states that you could visit. However, Ohio is completely different, and parts of it are so serene that you really won’t want to leave. You’ve got two main national parks to visit here, both are just as popular as the other. Don your hiking boots, and head to Hocking Hills State Park. Here you will find lovely walking trails, stumble across soothing waterfalls, and stand in the presence of some really stunning views. It’s a really rocky walk, so make sure that you take plenty of fluids, it can really drain you! But the park holds guided tours that include a bit of history into the park. When you’re done, head over to Cuyahoga National Park. It’s similar in the fact that you’ll stumble across the flowing waterfalls, and it will feel a bit like a mountain adventure. But the views you get are more unique. Again, you can have guided tours to get you to the best spots.

A Lil Bit Of Comfort

It’s important to have a little bit of comfort on your travels. You need to have somewhere you can go back to relax and unwind, and Ohio has plenty of that for you. Whether you want something that’s more in the city, or whether you want something a little of the beaten track, it’s pretty easy to find it. What’s better, you won’t even have to pay that much to get it. This hotel in Wilmington, Ohio, for example, is just what you need as the perfect base for your travels. You need something that’s comfy, inviting, and where you’re going to get the best service, and we think that you’ll find it at the hotel we’ve listed, or at a place of your own choice. Having somewhere where you can have access to room service, and your room is cleaned each day, might be better for you than stopping in a villa.

A Lil Bit Of Fun

If you want some fun, head to the city of Cleveland. You’ll find plenty to do there, including the Rock and Roll hall of fame, and the Metroparks Zoo! It’s all about getting the perfect balance of fun and relaxation when coming to Ohio, and it definitely can offer both.

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