6 Things to do in New York City for fun

Travel to New York City inevitably ends up revolving largely around sightseeing. The monuments, parks, and famous buildings all around the city demand attention, and frankly they’re a delight to explore if you’ve never done it before (and if the weather cooperates). So much of the New York tourism commentary out there focuses on sightseeing, however, that sometimes you can lose sight of what else you might end up doing for fun on your trip. The ideas below – hopefully – can help with this!

Broadway Show

1. See A Broadway Show

Broadway theatre in New York may sound like something of a cliché. But like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and Central Park, it’s famous for a reason! This is one of two or three places in the world where the very best in show business flock to display their talents. As a current example, renowned actor Jeff Daniels and legendary screenwriter Aaron Sorkin have teamed up for a production of To Kill A Mockingbird that will run through March of 2019. That’s a lot of star power even for Broadway, but it gives you an idea of the kind of quality you might expect. Now and then you may see a celebrity – the frontman for Green Day doing the band’s show American Idiot, Al Pacino doing Shakespeare, etc. – but even without big names, the quality never dips. A Broadway show is always one of
the coolest things you can do in New York.

2. Splurge On Dinner

You can actually eat some of the best food you’ve ever had in New York without spending too much money. You can venture to Chinatown for some authentic Asian cuisine at a fair price, try any of a dozen or more famous pizza or burger joints, or pop into one of the quintessential New York delis. But the city is also a hot spot for fine dining and cutting-edge cuisine, so at least once during your visit, you should splurge on dinner. Whether that’s at a trendy restaurant like Le Coucou downtown, a famous establishment like Peter Luger steakhouse, or something similar, the meal will be worth the hit to your wallet.


3. Tour At Least Two Museums

Here as with Broadway, the idea might appear to be a cliché. But again, the reputation comes from world-class quality. New York’s museums can just take your breath away with their various collections, and the most enjoyable part of it all is the variety between them. For a standard but supersized museum experience showcasing art from throughout human history, head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art; for modern pieces, check out MoMA; and if you just want something more intimate, The Frick Collection or The Cloisters may be for you. You must see one and may want to make time for a couple of them while you’re visiting.


4. Walk The High Line

The High Line Park (sometimes written Highline, as one word) is essentially a converted, elevated train. Snaking around parts of the downtown area, it’s a lovely example of some of the simple but effective ways in which old cities are looking to increase their green space and adapt over time. It’s nothing visually remarkable in and of itself, though it does provide something of a peaceful respite in a busy city, and some of the views from the park – given that you’re elevated a story or two above ground level – are delightful. If you’re just looking for a place to go for a walk in the city and you’ve already checked Central Park off your list, it’s definitely a place to consider.


5. Make The Trip To Atlantic City

Believe it or not, plenty of people in New York and other nearby areas actually venture into New Jersey specifically to be entertained. Online poker is available in New Jersey and is quickly becoming a favorite pastime for many in the area. And on top of that, the actual casinos in Atlantic City are still doing quite a bit of business. So even though it seems somewhat strange to head out of a city like New York for recreation, there’s some legitimacy to the idea of Atlantic City as a sort of neighbouring attraction. A night trip to A.C. for some gaming and entertainment can be just the thing to mix up a New York trip.

6. Take In A Jazz Club

Whether or not you enjoy jazz, this is another aspect of the New York entertainment scene that shouldn’t be missed. If anything, in fact, the city is probably underrated for its jazz clubs, which are all over the place, and which have an incredibly authentic quality to them. It’s hard not to get caught up in the fun with a live band in front of you, drinks being served, and typically at least a few in the crowd getting up to dance the night away. A few particular clubs to consider are Blue Note, Birdland, Dizzy’s, and Smalls.

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