What you need to enjoy a Californian lakeside vacation

From stunning views to blissful locations, there’s a lot to enjoy about a lakeside vacation. Big Bear Lake in California is a popular destination, with the mild weather and beautiful scenery making a fantastic vacation spot.

A lakeside vacation can make a great getaway whoever you’re with, creating some wonderful memories or even starting a new annual tradition. Make sure you have the best break ever with this guide to what you need to enjoy a lakeside vacation in California.

Great accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation is essential for a lakeside adventure. Cabins are a popular choice, and they don’t all have to be like the cabins you stayed in growing up. For some comfortable, stylish cabins then Big Bear Frontier is a great choice, featuring cozy beds and homely decor. The good thing about staying in a cabin like this is that there are some amazing on-site amenities to give you things to do during your stay such as swimming pools, barbecue facilities and more.

A hired boat

It would be a shame to come to an amazing lakeside location and not get out on the water, so why not hire a boat for the duration of your stay? You can rent a boat easily from one of the nearby arenas which you can then enjoy by the lake or use it to travel to other nearby locations during your stay.


It wouldn’t be California without a trip to the beach and there are some fantastic beaches to enjoy at Big Bear. The beaches can be busy during the peak summer months but provided you bring all of your beach essentials it should make for an enjoyable day. Don’t forget to bring your fishing gear too, Big Bear is known for its great fishing too.


Staying near the cabin can start to get a little dull after a while, so it’s ideal that Big Bear offers so much when it comes to things to do. Rent bikes, visit the Moonridge Animal Park or check out other things to do in Big Bear. There’s plenty of choice, and even spa lovers will find joy with the many mobile spa services available in Big Bear.

Rainy day activities

As with any vacation, there’s always the possibility of rain. Prepare for some rainy days by bringing along some indoor entertainment you can enjoy from the comfort of your own cabin. Board games, some good movies and even a night of cooking, drinking and conversation are perfect ideas for relaxing and enjoying being on vacation. Check the weather before you go and if rain looks like a strong possibility, take some wet weather clothes so that you can still go out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Has Big Bear given you the travel bug? Why not add some of America’s best national parks to your travel list? Mountain and lake escapes make great vacations, offering beautiful landscapes and plenty of activities – a must for those seeking an adventure in the great outdoors.

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