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Must-visit destinations for food and wine lovers

Now there’s a lot of good points about travelling: the excitement of being on the move, meeting new people, embracing all that another culture has to offer. But we all know what we all – well if you’re a foodie, that is – really love: tasting the delicious offerings that the world is cooking up in their corner of the planet. Indeed, there’s nowhere on earth that has truly bad food: you’ll find it everywhere. But some stand above the rest. Below, we take a look at five must-visit destinations if you’re always looking forward to mealtime.


India, Asia

It won’t be the food that produces the first sensory experience on your trip to India. Your eyes and nose will be first in line, but don’t worry; your tongue will soon catch up. There’s nowhere on earth that’s like India, and that extends to the food. Colorful spice with colourful spice, flavour after flavour. You’ll find delicious food everywhere you go, including the streets; India has some of the best street food that money can buy. Though it’s worth remembering that it can cause an upset stomach, so make sure you have a travel first aid kit with you!

The United Kingdom, Europe

The UK has an interesting relationship with food. It used to quite rightly be viewed as some of the worst in the world, but that’s all changed over the last few decades. Now, it wouldn’t be ridiculous to say that it has some of the best food found anywhere, especially if you’re travelling to London. And if you’re venturing further north – to North Yorkshire, to be precise – you’ll be able to visit the Black Swan Pub, which, according to the TripAdvisor community, is the best restaurant in the world.

New York City, USA

New York never had a reputation for bad food in the same way the UK did, but it’s never been held in as much esteem as it is now. Why? Because the ever innovative chefs are constantly creating new dishes, and then, of course, you have all the old New York staple restaurants that are as good as ever. The multicultural makeup of the city means, like London, you can get dishes from across the globe at any time of day.

Japan, Asia

Before we go any further, let’s just say: if you’re not a sushi lover, then don’t worry. Japan has a much broader cuisine beyond the rice and fish combination. Book cheap flights to Tokyo, and you’ll be visiting the city with the most Michelin stars in the world. But it’s not just at the top end restaurants where the food is outstanding: the focus is on quality ingredients, so whether it’s a fine dining experience or a local hangout, you’ll be eating delicious food.

France, Europe

France sells itself when it comes to food. You’ll be eating well! But more than that, you’ll also experience a lifestyle that embraces the joys of eating and drinking; just what you want from a vacation that’s all about food!

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