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Avoid These Misadventures On Your Annual Summer Road Trip

Ah, the joys of the annual summer road trip.

It’s just you, your family or friends, and the great open road before you. As we have suggested in a previous article, a road trip could be just what you need this summer. What could possibly go wrong?


While you are sure to have an adventure or two while you’re out exploring the highways and byways, you might also have the occasional misadventure as well. These unfortunate mishaps could ruin your time away, so rather than coming home with memories that will permeate your dreams forever, you might come home with memories that will only fuel your nightmares.

So, whether you’re about to load up your car or visit a new RV dealership in preparation for your trip, these are just a few of the misadventures you need to avoid.

Misadventure #1: A police chase

You’re not a supervillain (we assume), so why would the police want to track you down? Well, when it’s just you and the open road, you might be tempted to put your foot down occasionally, especially if the road ahead is clear. While a little bit of speed can be exhilarating, it can also bring you into trouble with the law if you exceed the speed limits. You might also incur the flashing lights of the police if you engage in battles with other road users who test your patience, or if your vehicle has a missing tail light or some other noticeable malfunction. So, to avoid a police chase, drive safely, stick to the speed limits, and make sure your car or RV is fully functional before you leave your home.

Misadventure #2: Getting lost in the middle of nowhere

Okay, so a road trip is all about exploring the world around you, and sometimes taking the roads less traveled. Who knows what you might find around the next corner? However, you still need to take care. While it’s fun to veer off the main route occasionally, you don’t want to take one wrong road too many and then end up being so far away from your travel path that you don’t know where you are. This will be especially problematic of nighttime when your visibility is reduced, and the temperatures are on the chilly side. So, to ensure you don’t run into trouble, make sure you have your sat-nav with you or download a GPS app on your phone. And talking about your phone, you should also bring your charger with you to keep it fully juiced up. You can then call the police or your family and friends if you do get lost. Be sure to load your car with blankets, snacks, and water too, as you will need to stay warm, energized, and hydrated if you do get stuck for an extended period of time.

Misadventure #3: Dealing with a supervillain

Again, we are assuming that you aren’t a supervillain, but we can’t say the same about other people you might encounter en route. When on the roads, your life could be put in danger by a reckless motorist. You might pick up a hitchhiker who isn’t to be trusted. And you might have your belongings stolen when you have parked up your car or RV and gone for a wander. You need to be alert then, and while the word ‘supervillain’ is probably a bit of a stretch for the miscreants you might meet en route, you still don’t want to fall foul of them. Avoid dangerous drivers as much as possible, read this guide on picking up hitchhikers, and never ever leave your valuables in your vehicle when you are taking time to explore on foot.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your road trip!

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