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Making your travels more memorable

Travelling is a wonderful thing. It allows us to see different cultures, sample different foods and meet new people. The idea of travelling scares some, but what’s even scarier to others is a holiday that isn’t memorable. We can spend incredible amounts of money on our holidays, so it makes sense to try and make the most of each trip we take and here are just a couple of ways to make each journey a memorable one.

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Be spontaneous

Don’t be afraid to walk a different path to tourists, don’t rule out the possibility of booking a last minute holiday and don’t be scared of meeting new people. The more spontaneous you are during your holidays, the more likely you’ll find new things to enjoy on your travels. Doing something different is a fantastic way to make something memorable because they stand out from everything else you do.

Visit somewhere unfamiliar

Visiting the same place and staying at the same hotel can get boring because you’ve grown used to the environment. When something becomes the norm, it no longer becomes interesting to you and you’ll likely seek new opportunities to do something different. Try to find somewhere new to visit on your next holiday and don’t neglect the possibility of visiting unfamiliar places to make your holiday more memorable.

Take your smartphone with you

A lot of people are promoting “unplugged” holidays that involve taking the bare minimum and no electronics. However, omitting the smartphone is a silly idea because of how much it offers you on your holiday. You can take pictures and send postcards online using the photographs, you can keep track of where you are using maps and you can stay in touch with friends and family members. The most important feature, however, is the ability to take pictures and save them as memories of your adventures.

Pack lightly

The less you pack, the more likely you are to be spontaneous on your travels and the more money you’ll ultimately save. Fantastic holidays are all about exploring and getting around as much as possible, so if you’re tied down with heavy suitcases and a lot of luggage, you’re far less likely to explore the surrounding areas.

Engage with the locals

Making unique memories is made easier if you’re brave enough to interact with the locals. Even if you have no experience with the language, most locals in foreign countries would be more than happy to try and interact with you, help you and even show you local spots that they enjoy for things such as eating and drinking. It’s a fantastic way to make friends and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to engage with locals as a tourist.

Avoid tourist destinations

And lastly, try your best to avoid tourist locations. Some of the most memorable and enjoyable locations in a new country are the back alleys with traditional vendors or locations that are far from cities and hotels. Try to walk the path less travelled and you’ll encounter plenty of unique things that are worth remembering.

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