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Making your camper van adventure a success

Got your heart set on an epic camper adventure? Whether you’re staying local or crossing continents, it’s worth doing a bit research before you buy a van and set off. Here are some success tips for planning the ultimate camper van odyssey.

Know your budget

Campervans can be costly – whether you’re opting for a classic hippy-style Volkswagon camper or buying a luxury Winnebago, you’re going to have to save up a few grand. You’ve then running costs such as insurance, fuel and other driving fees to consider. You will save money on accommodation, plus you may be able to cook your own meals. This can make it an investment when planning a lot of travelling – you could save more money than you would be doing a road trip by car – by you should still factor in the vehicle running costs and initial purchase cost if you haven’t got a van already. For most of your journey you can stick to wild camping, but occasionally you may want to use a campsite to use showers and get hooked up to electricity. Make sure that you’ve got enough for these campsite fees.

Plan your route

The great thing about a camper van adventure is that you can be quite spontaneous when it comes to where you stay. That said, you may still want to plan certain parts of your route. If you’re in a large camper van, you don’t want to negotiate tiny roads, so you may want to give town and city centres a wide berth.


Pack light

You can fit a lot in a camper van, but the more you take, the heavier your vehicle will be and the more fuel you’ll consume. With smaller camper vans where there isn’t much living space, you may also want to think twice about crowding this space with possessions.

Stay charged

Most campsites have hookups for charging your camper van, but if you want to save money and do more wild camping, you could always look into portable generators. You’ll find lots of generators for sale online including lightweight solar generators. This could give you more flexibility when travelling.

Add some improvements

There are plenty of improvements worth adding that could add practical value to your camper van. You can put in a small stove and refrigerator if you don’t have one for allowing you to prepare food on the go. You could also add extra storage in the form of a roof box. Bicycle racks meanwhile could allow you to take your bicycles so that you can park up somewhere and freely explore without having to batten down the hatches.

VW camper

Take care when parking up

Whilst you do have a lot of freedom as to where you can park up for the night, you should be careful of certain car parks and fields that may be privately owned or locked after a certain time. You also don’t want to be parking up somewhere dangerous – it’s best not to park by the side of a busy highway or in an area that seems to attract shady characters.

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