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Machu Picchu: The Unforgettable Journey You’ve Been Waiting For

If you want to be transported to a magical realm away from this world, Machu Picchu is the destination you’ve been looking for all your life. UNESCO has designated Machu Picchu a World Heritage Site because of its considerable archaeological significance. It astounds with its natural beauty as it stands at a height of 2,430 meters above sea level located in the Cusco area of Peru on the Andes mountain range. Make sure you are in tip-top shape and are pumping enough oxygen into your lungs as you take on the strenuous climb to Machu Picchu!

Machu Picchu represents 80,000 acres of the remnants of the Inca civilization and is much-visited for its impressive archaeological structures such as the Temple of the Sun. A trek to Machu Picchu is a one-of-a-kind experience and requires preparation and training to scale its picturesque heights. A healthy body combined with timed breathing can help your body adjust to the altitude and air pressure.

What to Expect from the Journey

You can expect to be overwhelmed with wonder as you take in the variety of vegetation and fauna, steep mountains and cultural legacy surrounding you as you ascend the ‘Old Peak’ or Machu Picchu. The weather is usually hot and humid during the day, and cool as the sun sets. Rains may occur unexpectedly all year round.

The height, climate, and physically demanding mountain route mandate a high fitness level and proper preparation to endure the trip to Machu Picchu. You can anticipate the unexpected on this trip as the weather changes suddenly, and the altitude thins out as you climb higher. Acclimatization to the weather and thinning atmosphere are needed, and effective breathing can help solve this problem.

Reach for the Skies with Thrilling Treks

The most common adventure trek to reach Machu Picchu is the Inca trail that stretches over 4 to 5 days. This classic Inca trail covers about 26 km and extends from KM82 to Machu Picchu. It is moderately difficult. You can also select alternate routes such as the Salcantay/Inca trail or the demanding Choquequirao trek. The Lares and Huchuy treks are more manageable for new climbers, while the Choquequirao trek is exceptionally tough and demanding, and is better suited to seasoned trekkers.

The classic Inca trail and Salkantay treks provide unparalleled scenic beauty and cultural enchantment. The best months to attempt this adventure trek is from May to September when the weather is relatively dry. Brush up your knowledge with some fascinating facts and information about Macchu Picchu beforehand.

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Training for Adventure

The gruelling treks to Machu Picchu are extremely rewarding as you watch beauty and history unfold around you. However, to enjoy the trip thoroughly, you will need to train well beforehand. Plan out your schedule well ahead of time with the help of online guides and then begin your personal fitness regimen. The treks involve walking and climbing for up to 10 to 15 km in a single day. Take a look at a few training tips:

Cardiovascular Training

Climbing at high altitudes places significant pressure on the heart muscles. Begin cardiovascular training exercises such as running or jogging, three to six months before the scheduled Machu Picchu trek.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing at high altitudes and during physical exertion needs to be optimized to allow the body to get sufficient oxygenation and to avoid fatigue. Breathing the Pilates way can help regulate your air intake and maximize its effects. Pilates style breathing involves deep rib cage expansion and contraction to fill up the lungs to the maximum. This helps exercise the lungs and abdominal muscles. As you train for trekking, you will need enhanced breathing to endure the limited oxygen at high altitudes and to meet the massive muscle demands as you ascend.

Mental Training

As the trek progresses, you will feel tired and worn out because of the prolonged stresses of climbing. Try to remember the spectacular gains you make as you climb, and observe the astonishing natural habitat and enjoy the rich heritage of the Incas. Train your body and mind to make the most of this adventure of a lifetime!

Diet Management

Tailor your diet to meet the demands of physical exertion by embarking on a balanced and wholesome diet a few months before the trip. Hydrate adequately before and during the journey to prevent muscle soreness. A rejuvenating trip to Machu Picchu will make you experience the magic of nature and the mystery of the civilizations of the past.

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