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Living abroad for the love of culture

When you try to conceptualize all of the beautiful cultures, amazing vistas and truly remarkable sights and insights that the world has to offer, it can make you dizzy to think of. Because of the reach of the internet and footage from the International Space Station, we can often feel as though the Earth is a small place. But when we think of just how yawningly massive it is compared to us, it’s no wonder how many amazing civilizations have taken root there, how much history is there for us to learn, and these realizations can always help you feel part of the human story, because while it might not feel like it, you absolutely are.

These feelings can spawn the potential idea of living abroad for the love of culture. You may wish to move to experience and absorb the teachings a culture has to give you, or simply experience a different flow of life to your own. We can easily forget that our society and our cultural viewpoint isn’t the only measure of interpreting life, and perhaps you wish to go and see what lies on the horizon due to that. Let us consider how you might proceed, then:


China is one of the Earth’s oldest civilizations, and also one of its most impressive. Boasting absolutely breathtaking vistas, incredible historical art and a sense of cultural preservation unlike anything you can find abroad, China is a certain place to visit and even to consider staying for some time. Not only this, but engaging with the culture is sure to reward you. Chinese cuisine is some of the most celebrated on Earth and that’s not an accident. You may also learn Kung Fu in China, refining a skillset perfected over hundreds of years and that also serves as a novel sporting activity to partake in.


Italy is one of the most widely celebrated countries in Europe. This is because it has satisfied more stomachs than likely most other countries put together. The cuisine here needn’t even be talked about, because it’s that fantastic almost everyone knows about it and would agree. From the beautiful golden ruins of Rome and the potential of seeing the Sistine Chapel, the incredible fashionable design of Milan to the picturesque aquatic streets of Venice, only these three places in Italy would be worthy of visiting, but the amount of historic villages, culturally relevant strongpoints, and a gorgeous people worthy of befriending is all added into the mix, like thousands of cherries on top the nicest cake you’ve ever eaten.


Denmark has some of the best education, cultural preservation and infrastructure in the world, and yes, we should continue with the theme of mentioning cuisine. It is astonishing, and their brewing efforts do not leave any want either. The beautiful picturesque buildings, the extremely friendly people and the dedication to fun and celebration Denmark carries ensures that these countries have some of the highest indexes of happiness worldwide. You could do much, much, much worse than this.

With these tips, you’re certain to live abroad for the right reasons and absorb culture all over.

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