When life hands you lemons reconnect with your spiritual side

We all go through tough times in our lives, and these are often the periods when our faith is tested the most. You may find that you start to question your belief in God and Christianity as a whole. Even though you may have some serious questions that need answering, this is no reason to give up on your faith completely. In fact, if you look for all your answers in the right place, you might find that your beliefs are actually strengthened. So, do you want to know where you should turn during hard times to try to reconnect with your spiritual side? Here are some excellent sources of strength.

Bible Teachings

It’s always a good idea to reach for your Good Book whenever you are going through a time of need. There are lots of different Bible teachings throughout the various verses, and you will see that each of these teachings has some meaning that you can apply to different situations. If you look on a website such as the Free Study Bible Guides, you will find that the teachings have been conveniently sorted according to the situation they best suit.

Christian Retreats

If you are feeling particularly stressed and anxious about life at the minute, you might want to try and find a Catholic retreat. While at a retreat, you will have plenty of time to study your Bible and join prayer groups. There will also be some other activities that you can join, all of which will be a great way to take your mind off your everyday life. At the end of the retreat, you will certainly find that you are a lot more relaxed and sure in your personal religious beliefs.

Your Local Pastor

Whether you are worried about dating or your finances, it is always worth visiting your local pastor for guidance on your current situation. He or she will be able to use their knowledge of the Bible and Jesus’ teachings to try and give you the best possible advice for your situation. Most pastors are available to chat with individual members of their congregation after a sermon, but if you would like some personal one-on-one time together, you should call to arrange a meeting.  


The modern world can make our minds extremely busy, and all this business can very often lead to stress and some serious mental health conditions. So, why not take time out and simply close your eyes and relax your mind? There is no better way to reflect and relax than by praying. You can pray whenever and wherever you like. Some people choose to go to their local church to help them focus while others can connect with God perfectly well in their own home. The main thing is that you unwind and invite Him into your mind and soul during your prayer sessions.

As you can see, there are many ways to reconnect with your spiritual side during those times life ever does hand you lemons. And life will certainly taste a lot sweeter afterwards!

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