How to satiate your wanderlust

Ever heard of “Wanderlust”? If you’re reading this post, chances are that you’ve felt it at some point or another. Wanderlust is essentially a strong desire to travel the world. An innate affinity with travel. Those with wanderlust want to leave what they know behind, even if only on a temporary basis, in order to delve into the unknown. While there are people out there who are content with living their entire lives in the same place that they were born, those with wanderlust can’t wait to escape and take the next means of transport out of town. They crave different cultures, want to roam distant lands, long to experience new food and drink. They want to hear different languages, see different landscapes, and take in everything that a new location has to offer. So, if this sounds familiar, it’s about time that you get away! Here are the best ways to go about it!

Say Goodbye to Commercial Package Holidays

Most people limit their taste of travel to commercial package holidays. They generally entail a return flight from your home airport, seven to fourteen nights in a resort or hotel complex where you will generally spend your time lounging by the pool, eating the all-inclusive buffet, and sipping a few cocktails, with the occasional trip to the nearest beach. This is great if all you really want is a touch of sun and a chance to kick back, relax, and recuperate from your stressful nine to five routine. But you don’t really get a taste of the place you’re in. If you really want to travel the world, we’d recommend saying goodbye to the typical commercial package holiday. Instead, buy a one-way ticket and plan to be away for an extended period. Perhaps a month or two at least! If this is your first period of extended travel, it can be a little daunting to jump straight into not knowing where you’re going or where you’re going to end up. So consider using an agency such as Kandoo Adventures. They will organise your trip on your behalf but ensure that you get a full-on experience of wherever you head!


Try New Things

What’s the point in travelling halfway around the world if you’re going to be set in your usual ways? Now is the ultimate time to start trying out new things. The good news is that you’re probably going to come into contact with them in abundance. Start with new food. Don’t stick to what you know and survive on a steady diet of fries and international fast food brands. Try local cuisine or street food that may be on offer. Try new drinks. Try new means of transport. See different shows. Try new activities. You’ll discover new things about yourself on the way and head back home at the end of your travels feeling like a brand new person!

So, if you have recognised a sense of wanderlust in yourself and want to satiate it, these are just a couple of steps that will help you to travel the world and really experience it to its full potential!

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