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How To Entertain Your Kids When Travelling

While the future of travel looks set to change, having to entertain kids is not something that is likely to change. So whether you’re going to go on a road trip this year, having a staycation or going ahead with your holiday abroad that you have already booked, then if you have kids, then they will still need entertaining. So what is the best way to do this and keep everyone happy?

Favorite Toys

You might be wanting to travel light, but for the sake of happy children, you do need to let them bring some of their favorite toys. Toys that entertain them would be the best, but if they insist on bringing a doll, then at least they can play some role-play type games and use their imagination. 

Learn About The Destination

Create a fun pack telling the kids all about where you’re going, what they will see there, and what they will be doing. No matter where you’re going, you’ll be able to find some information, it could be Fun facts about Ecuador or what people eat in Scotland. Put information and games in the pack, maybe some multiple-choice questions, a small crossword or word search, and some word scrambles. As long as everything has the theme of the destination, the kids will learn along the way.

Audio Books

Audiobooks are amazing in the car and will do a great job of helping the kids fall asleep. However, they might send you to sleep too. They are actually brilliant for keeping kids entertained while waiting around in queues or at the airport as they can be listened to as you walk and your child doesn’t need to be staring at a screen. 

Play Games

Road Trip Bingo is classic and easy to make too. If you know the journey you’re going on, then make up a bingo card with sites and landmarks that you know you’re going to pass and keep the kids looking out for them. If you’ve not been on the journey before then, you can either do some research beforehand to find out what you will pass or use everyday things that you know you’re going to see, such as police cars, airplanes, and stop signs. You could also do car colors with each child looking for a different color car and the first one to get ten wins. 

Write A Quiz

Writing a quiz is easy, and it can be about anything you want, and you can write as many as you want. You know what your kids know and like so a general knowledge quiz about their favorite TV shows, what they’re learning in school and members of the family can be fun. You can mix it up with a music round by playing the beginning of a song in the car and asking them to name that tune; you could print off some pictures to create a picture round too. Print off images of people or characters they will recognize, or items that are distorted or have parts missing and get them to guess what they are. You can make a quiz as long or as short as you want, but the best thing about it is, you can make it educational if you want to, and if you make it longer, then you could have your kids occupied and busy for the whole journey. 

Don’t forget to pick up a load of little prizes too because realistically, they’re only going to keep quiet for a reward at the end of it. 

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