Hiking gear: the ultimate list which every adventurer should make

If you are an adrenaline junkie and love hiking, then you must also know about hiking essentials. Hiking as an adventure is surely fun but you need to be well equipped with things that you take along with you. Know about all the outdoor hiking gear through outdoor product reviews and requirements. If you are planning your next hiking adventure trip, then here is a list of gear for you, read on.

The essentials

It’s important to buy a good quality backpack before your trip. It should have different compartments for all your basic needs. The three most important things are a compass, a map, and a torch. You may have your phone, but it is a must to carry a good torch, in case of an emergency. Extra water and food are two basic essentials for your backpack. It’s always good to stock up on extra things for your long hiking trip.

The kits

First aid kit is an important part of your hiking gear. Put all your medicines, bandages and ointments in this kit. You can also carry an insect repellant in the kit. Some people also carry fire starter kits. If you don’t know how to manually light a fire, then this kit can be handy for you as well.

All the other things like sunscreen, sunglasses, Swiss Army Knife and matchboxes can have a separate pouch. Also, put your toiletries in this pouch. You can combine all the three kits together or keep them separately in your backpack.

Clothes and footwear

Long sleeved shirts are clothing essentials on a hiking trip. If it is winter season, then you need to carry sweatshirts. Carry fleece jackets and hooded tees. Also, carry a rain jacket and pant along with you.

If it rains, you will surely be safe. The clothes you carry should be comfortable. You can also wear and carry shorts if you are planning a trip during summer time.

Boots or hiking shoes make up for ideal footwear. You can also carry gaiters if you feel comfortable. Don’t forget to wear and carry special hiking socks. All these things are necessary for a long adventure trip.

Other accessories for hiking gear

Make a list of other accessories that you need to carry along with you on a hiking trip. Nylon cords, garbage bin bags, and toilet paper should be packed separately. You can also carry a repair or sewing kit for emergencies.

Pencil, paper, and hiking poles are an optional choice. Some hikers also carry binoculars and field guides for a hiking trip.

Binoculars are actually great if, like me, you want to see things from a distance. You can also carry extra plastic bags with you. Plastic bags are always handy as you can dispose of things easily in them.

You can also keep an extra GPS or a watch with you. Again, these things are optional and it depends on your need.

All the above essentials are important for your hiking adventure trip. You can also consider outdoor product review for hiking gear before you go for your next hiking trip.


Tonya Carroll is a freelance writer and an adventure blogger. She is fun loving and ambitious female who loves to go on outdoor adventures and sharing her experiences through honest blog posts. She has done hiking, biking, fishing and many such adventures around the world and aims to inspire fellow adventurers to get the best experience.

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