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A handful of hidden gems to explore in Australia

If you’re planning a trip to sunny Australia then you’re going to need to create the ultimate bucket list of things to do when you get there. With so many different types of adventures to encounter you won’t want to miss a thing. Whether you are intrigued by Australia’s beaches or curious about the stunning National Parks, you will find a hidden gem to explore whilst on your travels. This could be the most exciting trip of your life so get ready to absorb the awe-inspiring scenery and the stunning wildlife. Don’t miss the famous landmarks, attractions and national parks whilst you’re there too. Steer away from the usual tourist activities and find something truly unique to experience whilst you visit the land down under.

Australia National Parks

Whitsunday Islands have been described as a Caribbean style National Park hidden within Australia. The islands are simply stunning, surrounded by piercingly blue water, luscious vegetation and rustic dirt paths, perfect for taking long afternoon walks. Make sure you click here to learn more about visiting National Parks in Australia. Such an incredibly popular destination, yet so many hidden gems to discover within it.

australia coral reef

Brilliant Beaches

If you’re looking for the whitest sand in the world, then you should look no further than the beaches of Australia, especially Hyams Beach, which is said to be the most relaxing place to spend a day. Not only can you breath in the fresh sea air but you can also explore the adorable rock pools, go snorkelling with the vibrant fish and kayak on the clear seas

Love The Local Wildlife

There is genuinely a place in Australia named Kangaroo Island. This is something you might expect to see when you visit the land down under, but even still it’s quite a novelty place that you will want to tick off your bucket list. As well as numerous wild kangaroos, there are several other species of wildlife that you can experience too.

kangaroo Australia

Dreamy Drives

A road trip across the vast plains of Australia would be the perfect way to see every single part of it in your own time. Take a relaxing drive and see what natural Australia has to offer. You can make fun-filled pit-stops and truly get the chance to experience every area you want to.

Amazing Art

If you’re the cultural type who loves to indulge in some art, theatre and architecture then heading to Australia is certainly going to be the right place for you. From the Sydney Opera House to Harbour Bridge you can take in the stunning scenery, before heading to the more quirky and hidden Museum of Old and new art. Absorb the beautiful pieces for a couple of hours whilst you dodge the heat of the midday sun.

Here’s hoping that you’ve gained a tonne of inspiration if you’re planning a trip to Australia any time soon. If you haven’t been there before you will want to experience everything you possibly can, from the beautiful wildlife to the exquisite beaches. There is something for everybody to enjoy and you can be the first to experience some of the hidden gems Australia has to offer.


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