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Are you planning on visiting Illinois in 2019? If so, you are bound to have an amazing time. Chicago has a lot to offer, and there are many great places besides this. With that being said, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at some travel tips if you are heading to Illinois for the first time. So, here we go…

Winter is not a great time to visit – A lot of people go on vacation during winter because it is cheaper or because they want to get away from the doom and gloom on their hometown during these months. However, Chicago is certainly not a place for some winter sun. After all, Chiberia is a nickname for Chicago for a reason! Instead, visiting the area from May onwards comes recommended.

There is an accommodation to suit all budgets – It does not matter whether you are looking for a luxury apartment in Chicago or a hotel in Schaumburg, Illinois, you will be able to find something that fits into your requirements and your budget. This is one of the great things about Illinois – it caters to everyone and all types of vacations.

Check out one of the comedy clubs – One thing you should definitely do while in Illinois is go to one of the comedy clubs in the area. A lot of the most famous comedians got their start at The Second City. This includes everyone from Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell to Tina Fey. Not only will you have a good laugh but you could end up seeing the next big name in comedy.

The Blues – Another thing that Illinois is famous for is Blues music. In fact, Chicago is known as the “sweet home” for the blues. This is thanks to famous musicians such as Willie Dixon and Muddy Waters. You will find a number of impressive blues institutions around the city where you can enjoy live music. This includes the likes of Green Mill in Uptown and Kingston Mines in Lincoln Park.

Take an architecture tour – Aside from the suggestions that have already been mentioned, an architecture tour comes very much recommended when visiting here. You can learn about the unique buildings of the state by taking one of the many tours. One that comes highly recommended is the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s River Cruise.

Try Malort – You have probably never heard of Malort, and for good reason, it is a bitter wormwood liqueur and you usually only find it in Chicago. It has an awful taste, but it’s a rite of passage, so why not give it a go? Don’t blame us, though!

Hopefully, you now feel more prepared for your trip to Illinois. If you follow the advice that has been given above, you can make sure you make the most of your money and have a trip to remember.

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