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Great holidays in the Grand Canyon for all

With around 6000 feet deep, the Grand Canyon is one of those amazing landscapes that is visible from Space. More importantly, it’s one of the seven natural wonders of the word, and it is one of the easiest to access. You wouldn’t dream of planning a holiday on top of Mount Everest or the Paricutin Volcano without specialist training. But you can visit the Grand Canyon with your family, including young children and seniors, without any difficulty. A word of warning, though, the canyon is a mile deep and 10 miles in width, so you can’t expect to see everything in a day.

Can I take the grandparents?

The Grand Canyon is an iconic American experience. Its national park is one of the oldest in the U.S., and as a result, you’ll find plenty if ideas for a successful multi-generational trip. If you want to take elderly relatives for a day trip to this beautiful landscape, you can check the event calendar to pick the best-suited day. In August, for instance, you’ll find the Native American Heritage Days on the North Rim. If you prefer to plan your holiday after the summer, make sure to head to the Music Festival on the South Rim in September! Aside from accessible visits and events, you’ll find plenty of walking and hiking trails that are ideal for senior walkers. The Bright Angel Trail is a preferred route for seniors who have no mobility issues. It’s best to pick dates outside of the peak summer season, so that you can enjoy the route without the heat.

Find the best trail for you

If you’re fit and lead an active lifestyle, you might want to embrace some of the climbing challenges of the rocky canyon. With 50 buttes, 25 temples, 12 mountains and 3 crests, there is plenty of choices to go rock climbing in the Grand Canyon. You can join one of the numerous climbing tours in North Arizona – Sedona Adventures is a good place to start – as your guide and instructor will ensure the safety of all the equipment. However, you’ll need to bring comfortable clothes and find the best shoes for rock climbing in this environment. As tours are generally planned for a day, you need to be sure that you are physically strong enough to sustain the pressure.

Can you take children?

There is no need to ask whether the Grand Canyon is child-friendly. The National Park is filled with activities for all ages and fitness level, so that families with young children can still enjoy the beautiful view and the relaxing silence of this mesmerizing place. You can even encourage your kids to receive the Junior Ranger badge. The badge is available for all children in the South Rim, North Rim and Phantom Ranch, aged 4 and older, when they complete the achievements in the activity book. For older children, the Bright Angel Trail is the ideal hiking adventure.

In short, it’s no wonder millions of tourists visit the Grand Canyon every year. Aside from being a historical and geological treasure, the canyon is accessible to all tourist, young and old, active or sedentary.


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