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Where to go when travel’s stressing you out

Yes, travel is an escape, it’s a stress-buster, it’s wonderful and all you could hope for. But sometimes, it can just be so damn stressful. Itinerary snafus, ill-planned logistics, the stress of finding your way in a new city (or just an airport). It can all add up. So, it’s important for travellers to know how to beat back stress when it rears its ugly head, so they can better enjoy the trip.

Plan, plan, and plan some more

You don’t have to take all the romance out of exploring a relatively unknown destination. But you should make sure that you have as much of the essentials planned as possible. This means packing as appropriately as possible, arranging transport to-and-from both airports in advance, having an idea of costs and so on. Put together a travel checklist the next time you’re planning a trip and make sure you’re whittling it down as the day of the flight approaches.

Get away from the crowds

Sometimes, new places can be overwhelming. As often as they can be one of the highlights of a destination, the people can stress you out, too. Whether it’s roving gaggles of tourists or opportunistic locals offering deals on all sorts, it’s a good idea to find a quiet spot outside of the city in advance that offers a more relaxed way to spend your time.

Don’t lose your way

Having a general idea of different areas when you head off. Use a map and a GPS and travel guides to help prepare journeys and make sure you have them with you when you need to privately remind yourself where you’re going. Getting lost while backpacking can utterly throw your plans out the window. If you’re taking a taxi, too, it pays to show you’re not some bright-eyed tourist who can be given the runaround for the sake of more cab fare.

Fight that fatigue

When you travel, it’s all too easy for your body clock to get thrown out the window. It’s not the best lifestyle for those who love their sleep. So, some fatigue is going to be an issue. You need to get used to finding opportunities to just spend a day in your accommodation getting back on track. If you’re in the middle of a day full of journeying, then you might want to buy oxygen shots for a quick, safe pick-me-up. Try and eat to a schedule as well. Impromptu nighttime meals can get in the way of a good sleep.

Don’t get homesick

If you spend months out exploring the world, expect your family to miss and worry about you, too. It doesn’t matter how much wanderlust you’re trying to sate, expect to start missing them, too. Using free Wi-fi and apps like Skype, it’s a lot easier to call back home and say ‘hi’ without racking up a huge phone bill. Don’t be afraid to get back in touch when you’re feeling homesick, your family and friends will be missing you and glad you called, too.

Last of all, think about taking a break if you’re spending more of your next trip frazzled than you would like. Put down some roots and recharge so you’re feeling refreshed for the next time.


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