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Get your kids away from screens with these awesome travel activities

Phone and computer screens are a bit problem for parents these days. When they are home, kids seem to want to do nothing more than stare at the screens of their various devices, including tablet devices and TVs. This can even be an issue for some families when they are on holiday, as some parents really struggle with trying to get their kids away from their screens. Thankfully, there are some great activities that you can do with the whole family that should be enough to tempt the children away from their different tech and devices. You just need to try these out for size.

Go Hiking

If you don’t want to spend too much while you are traveling, there is no cheaper activity than hiking! It gives you a great chance to explore the region you visit, and you should find that it’s easy to stumble across some sights and attractions that maybe won’t be mentioned in any guide books. Children will really love running around the different trails and exploring as they walk. They will be so interested in the changing scenery that they will completely forget about checking their phones!

Rent Out A Boat

Would your kids rather take to the open seas and pretend that they are pirates? If this sounds like them, you might want to look into getting a boat share while you are away. You just need to hire a boat in advance and it will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive. You’ll be able to explore the surrounding coastline in your own time. Just remember to get the boat back to the harbour before the rental agreement expires!

Hire Some Mountain Bikes

Another great idea is to go mountain biking. In fact, any kind of cycling would be a great activity for families! Children will especially love going off road and getting into all kinds of scrapes. If you are staying in a city, then hiring some bicycles could be a great way of exploring and getting around.

Enjoy A Horse Riding Trip

Most kids love anything to do with animals, and I’m sure yours will be thrilled if you suggest going for a horse ride. If you are staying in a rural area, you might find that there are some local stables that offer treks on horseback. Even if you don’t go off exploring on a horse, I’m sure your children will love riding around a farmer’s field on the back of a cute horse!

Hit The Ski Slopes

Why not go skiing?! Even if your kids don’t get the hang of skiing down the side of a mountain, they will still be able to enjoy sledging, snowboarding, and loads of snowball fights! And there will certainly be a lot of apres ski activities that the adults can enjoy as well!

As you can see then, there are a lot of activities that should be successful in tempting your kids away from their screens next time you go away on vacation!

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