Get your sea legs ready and leave the beach behind

When you go away on vacation, do you tend to spend most of your trip chilling out at the beach? There’s nothing wrong with sunbathing on the sand with a cocktail of course, but why not think about leaving the beach behind and dipping your toes into the water? There’s more to the coast than just the beach, and it really is worthwhile heading out to sea to see what you find. In some cases, you won’t even have to get wet! Here are some great vacation ideas that give you the chance to put your sea legs on and explore the water!


If you don’t like the idea of actually getting wet and want to spend most of your vacation relaxing, then perhaps a cruise is your best option. True, there won’t be a beach for you to lay out on, but there will still be plenty of deck chairs where you can soak up the sun. Plus, there will be a whole lot more entertainment. Most cruise ships feature numerous restaurants and buffets so you can enjoy some amazing food on your trip. They also have theaters, bars, casinos, and gyms so there are plenty of ways to busy yourself once you’re done with lounging around on deck.

Luxury Yacht Trips

Some people aren’t that keen on the idea of being confined to a cruise ship for a couple of days. If that’s what puts you off, you might prefer to go on a luxury yacht trip. These are normally just day trips, and you get the chance to jump off at different ports or marinas. These are so popular that now many companies have corporate yacht events as a yearly treat for all the hard work that their employees put in. One of the best locations for a yacht trip has to be the Mediterranean as there is some thrilling coast to explore.

Watersport Vacations

If you want an action-packed vacation that is full of fun, you could head to a destination that is famous for its watersports. Places like Bondi Beach in Australia and Oahu in Hawaii are renowned within the surfing community and the perfect place to learn how to ride the waves. As well as surfing, you might want to try your hand at scuba diving, sailing, and white-water rafting. Taking part in all of these sports will help you stay active on your vacation so it won’t matter if you overindulge when it comes to food and drink!

Underwater Hotels

For the ultimate sea adventure, you could always check in to an underwater hotel. You might be surprised to find that there are many of these dotted around the world! Even Hilton Hotels have got in on the act, and you’ll find their five-star underwater accommodation in the Maldives. You might have to start saving right now if you want to book a room there, though – they don’t come cheap!

Does one of these great sea vacations take your fancy? I’ll see you among the waves!

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