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Want to experience everything that the great outdoors has to offer? If so, then the best destination for you has to be Canada.

Canada really does have it all – from snow-capped mountains to lush forests, you will find a big mix in the country’s terrain. This means that there are so many different ways you can explore the Canadian great outdoors, and you might come face to face with some of its fascinating wildlife in the process! Plus, Canada is a largely untouched country. There are still huge regions that are not yet inhabited and so the nature in these areas hasn’t been damaged by humans. But even if you don’t make it out to these remote regions, you are still guaranteed to see some breathtaking views and scenery no matter where you end up.

Still trying to plan your perfect Canadian adventure? Here are a few ideas for your itinerary.

Skiing In Whistler

When most people think of Canada, they might instantly think of skiing. And there is no wonder! There are many great ski resorts across the country, most of which are situated on or close to the Rocky Mountains, but one of the most popular areas for skiing has to be Whistler. The resort is north of Vancouver in British Columbia and features many slopes that are perfect for different experience levels. There is also a great selection of apres-ski activities as well. While you are in Whistler, be sure to visit the popular Olympic Park, which was built for the 2010 Olympic Games. You’ll be able to watch lots of snowboarding and ski jumping here as well as taking part and learning some of the basics of these thrilling sports.

Hiking In The National Parks

Of course, it’s still worth visiting Canada in the summertime when there won’t be much snow left on the slopes. You should still visit the Rocky Mountains so that you can check out the fantastic hiking trails. Thankfully, there are lots of refreshment opportunities in the Rockies – they aren’t as remote as you might imagine! It’s the brewing home for Kicking Horse Grizzly Claw coffee, and there is no doubt that this beverage will help you get around the trails. The Rockies aren’t the only destination for hikes, though. It’s worth also visiting the Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland. Created by a glacier thousands of years ago, the park has one huge fjord running through it, so you should expect some stunning sights along your hike!


Canoeing In The Rocky Mountains

Traveling to the Rockies during the summer months doesn’t mean that you will only be able to hike. There is actually a lot of different outdoor activities taking place all around the mountains. Another really popular activity is canoeing. There are plenty of spots you can get into the water with your canoe on the western side of the mountains. A particularly good spot for it is on Emerald Lake. The lake looks beautiful surrounded by the mountain peaks, and you might be surprised by how crystal-clear the water is! Takakkaw Falls is also just a short walk from the lake.

Whale Watching In Quebec

When in Canada, it would be wrong not to head out to see to try and spot the native whales. Ideally, you want to be in the Quebec region to do this. If you are keen to spot some whales, you should spend a few nights in Quebec City. You can then take a bus down to the St. Lawrence River. The journey usually takes around two hours. Just standing on the banks of the river should put you in a good spot for seeing some of these majestic creatures, especially in the summer when the whales head upstream looking for krill. If you want to get a closer view of the whales, you should be able to find lots of boat trips that take tourists out to sea. It’s not just whales you’ll be able to see when you are out on the water – many spotters often see seals and porpoises as well.

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Island Trips In British Columbia

For more chance to get out to sea, it’s worth heading to British Columbia. There are quite a few islands just off the coast of this province and you will find a lot of tour operators who organize trips out to them all. You might even be able to go island hopping and see a few different islands in one day. Quite a few of the islands are inhabited by small communities who lead a largely self-sufficient life. Each island also has its own gorgeous scenery and wildlife, and it can be easy to while away a few hours just wandering around the islands and taking in the fabulous setting. It’s also easy to spot whales, orcas, and porpoises from most of them, especially in the warmer months.

Canada’s Cowboy Trail

Just over a hundred years ago, Canada was home to cowboys and their way of life can now be discovered in various towns and areas across the country. In fact, you could even take the famous Cowboy Trail to retrace their footsteps. The trail will take you between the Canadian prairies and the Rockies, so you will see a drastic change in terrain along the route. The trail usually lasts around twelve days, and there are a few tour operators who can guide you along the route and recommend you some accommodation. However, it’s also possible to organize the trek yourself, just make sure you start planning it well in advance!

The Gold Rush Trail

As well as the Cowboy Trail, you could also follow the famous Gold Rush Trail. It takes you through the Coast Mountains down to British Columbia, a path that was well-trodden by Canadian prospectors. There’s plenty of history to discover along the trail and you will also be treated to some breathtaking views along the way as well!

So, what are you waiting for? Time to head to Canada!

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  1. The Canada has got everything to inspire outdoor enthusiasts. Exploring Canadian terrain is amazing. It is one of the huge resources available in the world. The untouched wilderness and attracting wild life will attract outdoor enthusiasts.
    I am planning a trail in Canada in coming summer. By reading this, I think it is better to plan a trip in summer. Thanks for sharing this information with amazing shots

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