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Gear to make your outdoor adventure the best one yet 

There is something so magical and rejuvenating about being out in nature. The fresh air offers a freedom and a clarity of mind. The distractions of our fast-paced world seem to slip away as we opt for simpler accommodations and a slower lifestyle, if only for a weekend.

According to the 2018 North American Camping Report, sponsored by Kampgrounds of America (KOA), many Americans are choosing to get outdoors and camp. The report shares that 77 million U.S. households have someone who camps at least occasionally, and the majority are camping as often as three times per year, which has increased by 64%. With this increase, it’s easy to appreciate how our technology-driven culture has created and produced the latest gadgets to make your outdoor experience as enjoyable as possible.

Whether you choose to camp, fish, or hike, there is a plethora of gear out there to make your experience carefree and enjoyable. Subscription boxes are perfect for the weekend warrior who is too busy to track trends but wants to have the latest gear. Here is a sampling of the latest outdoor equipment to make you trip the smoothest it can be.

For safety

Solar lanterns are among the greatest new inventions. Gone are the days of lugging that heavy kerosine lantern, these are light and foldable options which make packing them for camping or backpacking very easy. First aid kits have come a long way, too, and there are many small, compact options to house bandaids for a blister or gauze for a cut.

For cleanliness

The power of the sun is remarkable and solar showers are also an easy option to stay clean when you’re out in the wilderness. Multipurpose water bottles can help you clean your utensils or wash your hands with shower and mist options. These are great ways to create the effect of running water far from your own bathroom or kitchen.

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For cooking

If instant coffee doesn’t quite cut it for you, some really innovative humans have designed a portable espresso maker for the camper like you. Also, backpacking stoves have gotten smaller and more compact to ensure your meals on the trail are just as enjoyable as ones from your home kitchen.

Ultimately, we don’t go to the wilderness to mimic our lives at home, but modern technology is also a very beautiful thing. Consider some of this equipment for your next outdoor adventure.

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