Families can have a ball at the Miami playground too

For spring breakers, young professionals, college students and fun-loving adults of every kind, Miami is the ultimate playground. It has it all from beaches to bars, sunshine to moonlight, nightclubs to the best late night food anywhere in the world.

But what about families? What if you want to head to The Magic City with your kids?

Well, to put it bluntly, yes. The secret to every amazing family holiday is finding things to do that holds your child’s interest and there is plenty of that in Miami, no matter what age your children are. We’re talking thrilling marine encounters, kid-friendly museums, and attractions of every kind. So, no matter how mad your little family is, Miami has got you covered, as you are about to see:

Forget The MGM, It’s All About The MCM

The Miami Children’s Museum is a perfect attraction you and your kids will ever experience. It is just this magical place where your kids can pretend to be grown-ups for day. As the name suggests, this museum knows the way to your children’s heart like nowhere else. There is fitness exhibits that teach kids the importance of health and wellbeing in the most entertaining way possible, little-person sized grocery stores they can visit and a bank for children where they can pretend to be, well, little you’s.

Take To The Water For A Day

As adults, we love nothing more than kicking back on a beach with a book in front of us and the sun on our backs. Kids, however, will tire of this within about twenty-two seconds. So to please both parties, you should definitely look into the yacht rental Miami at BOAT.ME and then take the waters for a couple of hours. It could just be speed your kids are after, a bit of swimming offshore or even a spot of fishing. Whatever it is, you will be able to catch your rays and your kids will remain entertained. That is a total win.

The Best Adventure Is The Safari Adventure

This privately owned and funded wonderland is spread out over five acres-plus and is home to well over a hundred and twenty species. The best bit, though, is the fact you and your little ones can pet fifteen of them. You can even hold them and take selfies with them if you so please. Our favorite has to be the sloth. I mean, who doesn’t want to have a profile picture with a sloth. The other animals you can pet include pot-bellied pigs, lemurs and even baby alligators (we know, right; how Florida can you get).

Get Involved In The Performing Arts Centre

For the sake of finding it on Google Maps, it’s official name is the Adrienne Arsht Centre for the Performing arts, a place absolutely adored by adults. But what makes it so amazing for kids is the fact the programming is especially tailored to them. Yup, this place doesn’t care about you as much as it does your kids – something you have to get used to pretty quickly as a parent. There are one-off performances to catch, puppet shows to enjoy and musicals to blow your mind. So, if you really want to help your kids get into the arts, then take them here and see their eyes light up as Beauty And The Beast or Cinderella plays out right in front of them.

These are our favorite picks, but don’t be worried if you have more than three days to get through in Miami because this list is by no means extensive. The other places we slap our seal of approval onto include the Frost Museum Of Science, the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, Jungle Island, and the Venetian Pool.

Now go and kickstart your kid’s love for Miami.

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