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Don’t miss the orchard for The Big Apple, exploring New York State

When you talk about visiting New York, the most common assumption is that you’re visiting New York, New York. However, it’s a shame that so many seem to assume that there’s nothing to see of the state outside the Big Apple. Whether you’re in the city and you want to see what to explore outside it or you simply want to make sure you’re not missing the orchard for the Big Apple, here are a few spots worth your attention.

For the adventurers

New York State has more than a few castles, which may come as a surprise to some. Some have been built solely as attractions but the gorgeous Pollepel Island tucked away off the Hudson River, has one of the few that actually had a purpose. Bannerman Castle was a military surplus warehouse in its heyday, now maintained primarily as a tourist attraction, but visiting it can feel like taking a trip back in time and across the sea to medieval Europe. Besides tours of the castle, you can even catch some live theater, as it regularly plays host to all kinds of plays, from Broadway musicals to some Shakespeare classics.


For the curious

With a rich history spanning over three centuries, Albany has always been the host of the intellectuals and artists of New York State. As such, it has plenty to display for those who love a good museum or gallery. The New York State Museum is easily the most popular amongst them, but the Albany Institute of History & Art and the Crailo State Historic Site are just as equally worth your time. You can’t miss a trip to the Palace Theater, the best place to catch a show that isn’t Broadway.

For the high rollers

Want a little more excitement in your trip? Schenectady may not be a household name, but it’s still a spot that offers thrills and bright lights a galore. Find yourself a hotel near Rivers Casino in Schenectady, New York and you can play at the slots, beat the dealer at the roulette wheel, or even catch a show in Van Slyck’s entertainment lounge. It’s the perfect mini-Vegas without the overwhelming disorientation that particular city can sometimes bring with it.

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For the hikers

New York State is gorgeous, a fact that often goes underappreciated. For those well aware of the health benefits of hiking looking for some exciting new ground to tread, the High Peaks of the Whiteface Region offers a huge variety of trails for those of all fitness and skill levels. The Whiteface Mountain Steps, in particular, may look a little out of place, but they offer some of the best views of the entire region. This natural rock path, just over 0.2 miles long, is well worth the trek but there are still plenty of wilder trailers for those who want to feel closer to nature.

New York State has a lot more to offer than just its world-famous city and, hopefully, this post has highlighted some spots that deserve a little more exploration.

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