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Don’t forget to do these things before a big camping trip

Having a fantastic camping trip, whether you plan on going with friends or family, is all down to you and how you plan this trip. The things you do before a big camping trip will make the biggest difference to how successful the trip is and how much fun everybody has. Below, we have a few things you must remember. Read on, make a list, and have an incredible time! 

Choose The Perfect Site

Selecting the perfect site is the most important choice you’ll make when planning a camping trip, so it should be the first thing you think about before anything else. You’ll need to do your research as some sites require you to park up and then backpack for miles into the site – which some people in your group may not like or be well equipped to do.

The site you choose should be based on your abilities and interests. An established site is good for beginner campers, and the running water and flushing toilets can make things a little more comfortable. Websites like Camping Forge can give you more resources that will help you to select the perfect site.

Arrive Prepared

Camping trip success will always depend on how prepared you are. You should make a list of things you’re going to take with you and tick it off as you pack. Below are some ideas of what you should have:

  • Camping cooler
  • Insect repellant
  • Water carriers
  • Lantern and fuel
  • Extra batteries
  • Flashlights
  • Rain gear
  • Sleeping bags appropriate for the temperature
  • Well stocked first aid kit

You can find more extensive lists online for inspiration. It’s a good idea to use pre labelled bins to store your things, as you’ll find what you need far easier and keep wildlife out of your stuff.

Make Sure You Stay Dry

To stay dry on your trip, you’ll need rain gear, waterproof shoes, and a means to keep your tent dry. Put a tarp under your tent and fold it so it matches the exact dimensions of the tent. Use seam sealer on your tent before you travel to make sure it’s equipped to keep rain out.

Plan Your Food

It’s a good idea to plan food that everybody likes to bring a little happiness and comfort to your camping trip. Get everybody involved in the cooking process and bring plenty of snacks. Staying hydrated is super important, too.

Don’t Plan Too Much

You might think it’s a good idea to plan every minute of your camping trip, but this is counter-intuitive. Go with the flow and allow unstructured play to have the best time.

Consider Your Pets

Taking your pets camping can be great, but you need to make sure they are allowed everywhere you want to go, or you may end up not being able to enjoy certain experiences as a family. For instance, they may be allowed at your campsite but are they allowed near the lake you like to go canoeing?

Don’t forget to do these things and you’ll have an amazing camping trip!

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