Why you deserve a Paris trip

The European capital is often considered the cultural hotspot of the world, and there’s plenty of good reasons for that, as you’ll discover when you go. Instead of heading to a popular American beach, with all its sun, sand, and overcrowding from tourists, try a more European approach. And hey, there usually isn’t any better place for your time and money than a trip to Paris! Without further ado, here’s a little food for thought on why you should be planning a trip to Paris for your next flight away.

The Dining Alone!

With about 70 Michelin star restaurants in the city of Paris alone, you can see you’re going to be spoiled for choice when it comes to eating out in the most romantic city in the world. The setting of eating in view of the Eiffel tower, or in a restaurant bedecked in an atmosphere you won’t see anywhere else in the world is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more and more.

The waitstaff is extremely pleasant and takes their jobs incredibly seriously due to Paris’ standing in the culinary world. Your orders will be brought swiftly out to you, and you won’t be waiting long at chef’s convenience. At the end of a long day exploring the city, you’ll never taste better soups or crunch better bread than inside this little world of gourmet magic.

The Amount of History

So the food still hasn’t convinced you? If not, it’s time to move onto the history of the city. Paris has a long standing as one of Europe’s biggest powers when it comes to influence over some of the biggest brands and events in the world, a.k.a world culture, as well as its role in some of the most intricate history around the globe.

The Louvre is just waiting for your patronage, as well as housing some of the most famous paintings we all heard about at school. And that’s not even touching on France’s main historical exports! For example, even just going on a Versailles tour opens you up to a whole landscape of history in one palace. There are 700 rooms on offer here, and each one is going to have its own story to tell you! Try to schedule in as many pit stops around this city as you can in your weekend away, as this is one of the best ways to experience Paris.

There’s Some Good Mystery

So France is famous for its history, but what about the more murky side of the waters? Well, first of all, you have the catacombs to delve into, if you dare, as well as the famous La Père Lachaise cemetery. Here you can see some the graves of some of the most famous artists in the world; perfect for any student on a gap tour or someone who’s wanted to indulge in culture their whole lives!

You deserve a Paris trip simply because you’ll have a good time away; try out these places.

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