Why you should consider Southeast Asia for your next travelling experience

Have you ever considered the countries located in Southeast Asia to be places you’d like to visit? Not particularly? Well, you should consider them! You should consider them because the countries found in that corner of the world really are a sight to behold. What’s more, any one of them will provide you with a travelling experience and travelling memories you won’t forget in a hurry. To see exactly where you should go on a Southeast Asia travelling experience, and what to do whilst there, make sure to read on.

Tanintharyi Region, Burma

Yes, there are area of Burma that you should absolutely not be travelling to unless it is essential that you do so, such as Bhamo and Putao in Shan State and pretty much everywhere in the Rakhine state. But, there are also some areas of Burma — some beautiful areas at that — that you absolutely can travel to without having to worry about your safety. One such area is the Tanintharyi Region.

In this Region there are many things to do and many beautiful things to see. There is Thein Daw Gyi Pagoda, which is one of the largest Buddhist pagodas in the world. There is Maungmagan Beach. There is the Statue of King Bayinnaung. And there is the Kawthoung port. By visiting any of these places you will truly be able to experience and feel the importance of the Southeast Asian culture, history and religion that is rife in these parts. And once you’re done in this Region, just beyond the Tenasserim Hills lies Thailand.

Koh Chang, Thailand

Thailand is commonly known as the jewel of the Southeast, and it is known as this for very good reason. This is a tranquil and serene country in parts, and in other parts it is also a country for all you travellers out there that truly want to go off the beaten track with your adventures and get your hands a bit dirty.

Thailand is a country perfect for those who want to go off the beaten track with their travelling because it offers plenty of non-beaten tracks to go down. To find these tracks, first of all you’d have to be willing to forgo the urge to go to the most famous tourist attractions that this country has to offer, such as pretty much everything that is offered in Bangkok. No, this is not to say that Bangkok is not worth visiting in your life, far from it. It is, however, to say that if you want to truly experience the true Thailand, you have to be willing to go places where very few tourists will be willing to go. This, for instance, means paying a visit to a place such as Koh Chang. Here, you would be able to indulge yourself in the wildlife that calls this corner of the earth their home. You’d be able to walk along quiet, untouched, gorgeous white beaches as well as the serene seas that sit next to them. What’s more, you’d be able to partake in a spot of bathing in this area, too — if you don’t mind elephants, that is. Yes, Koh Chang, whose name is derived from the ancient meaning of ‘elephant island’, gives you the chance to do something you cannot do in too many other places across the world, bathe with elephants. More to the point, you’d be able to bathe with Thailandish elephants, a specific kind of elephant that is revealed and worshiped the country over.

Pattaya, Thailand

But, if you don’t mind a bit of tourism and busyness, then another area of Thailand that you should most definitely schedule your travels through is Pattaya. Specifically, you should head to the largest botanical garden in Southeast Asia, the Nong Nooch tropical garden.

Way back in 1954, the grounds of the now tropical garden was purchased by none other than Mrs. Nongnooch Tansacha (hence the name) and since then it has flourished and grown into the tourist attraction it is today. In these gardens can there be found a number of different areas and different gardens, with each one having a different feel and theme to it. Specifically, in these gardens there can be found testaments and monuments to other gardening styles found all over the world. For instance, one garden draws inspiration from typically European ways of gardening, one is testament to the way of the French, another is based on Stonehenge and another comprises solely of cactuses and other plants indigenous of Mexico. So, as you can probably tell, these gardens are a sight to behold, which of course means people are going to flock to them to behold them.

Sumatra, Indonesia

As the bird flies, there’s a distance of 1,446 miles between Thailand and Indonesia, which translates roughly to a flight time of 3 hours; so, why not carry on your journey of the Southeast and head straight to the Emerald of the Equator? And, when you do, you might find yourself falling in love with Indonesia that much that you decide to head to a website such as and find yourself a more permanent residence in the country! It really is that beautiful.

It really is that beautiful in part mainly to its plethora of rainforests. In fact it gets its nickname, the Emerald of the Equator (which was given to it by Dutch writer Eduard Douwes Dekker) because of its lush rainforests and the fact that it is positioned so close to the equator. So, where better to start during a travelling visit of Indonesia than an Indonesian rainforest? And, specifically, where better to start than near some of the most beautiful rainforests of them all on the island known as Sumatra? These three rainforests, which are also classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites and national parks are called Gunung Leuser, Kerinci Seblat and Bukit Barisan Selatan. A visit to any or preferably all of these forests will allow you to see a host of unique species of flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet, let alone in Southeast Asia. What’s more, you could even catch a glimpse of a Sumatran tiger, a Sumatran rhinoceros, a Sumatran elephant, a Sumatran ground cuckoo or a Sumatran orangutang.

But there is more to Sumatra, and Indonesia in general, than just rainforests and national parks. No, on the island of Sumatra you could visit the mosque known as the Mesjid Raya Baiturrahman and see for yourself it’s infamous white walls, black domes and massive minaret. You could visit the Tsunami Museum and really learn and get a feel for the heartbreaking natural disaster that shook this part of the world to its core not long back; poignantly, there is a tunnel to walk through that symbolises and mimics the waves of the tsunami. You could head to to Padang’s top traveller hangout, the Bat & Arrow pub. Or you could take a trip up Gunung Sibayak, a volcano that is commonly known as being one of the safest to journey up in the world — it is that safe that you don’t even need a guide unless you are taking the jungle route.

Seria, Brunei

Seria — not Syria — is a hidden Southeastern Asian gem buried deep within the beautiful country of Brunei. Never heard of it? Well, that’s because it’s not really an all-too-commonplace to head to. But, this, of course, means one thing, little tourists!

When in Seria, make sure to head to the Billionth Barrel monument, a testament to the impact that this remote part of the world has had in the world of oil over the years. And whilst you’re at, pay a visit to the Oil & Gas Discovery Centre situated not too far away. By visiting these important local landmarks you can learn just how important the oil industry is to this city, this country and the continent in general. And, if you’re the type of traveller that likes to learn everything about the places they visit, then these monuments and museums would be right up your street.

There truly is a whole host of other Southeastern Asian places for all you nomads and budding travellers to head to when it comes to your next travelling adventure. Whether it be the safest parts of Burma that you journey to; the off-the-beaten-track areas of Thailand, or those that are flooded with tourists; the Indonesia islands, namely Sumatra; or the little gem that is Seria in Brunie, wherever you go and whatever you do whilst there, you’re sure to have the travelling adventure of a lifetime.

Just, make sure you strap yourself in for one long plane ride in getting to that area of the world in the first place! And, when you do find yourself in that corner of the world, make sure you abide by and are respectful towards the local laws and customs of the places you visit. Just as you wouldn’t want somebody to disrespect your culture, you shouldn’t want to disrespect somebody else’s culture either.

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